Saturday, 7 June 2008

Ballad of Liberty Canuck

On a cold day in June they found the cadaver,
(They almost didn't in all the palaver)
The corpse was riddled with a zillion holes
Sucked dry past the point of lawful controls,
Down in the hollow under the Heather,
The odor kept back thanks to the weather;
The post mortem it seems was done on the fly,
The evidence, too, came up dry:
(Strict rules of which, alas, didn't apply)
The death put down to natural cause:
The little suckers had broken no laws;
When the name was told many said, Our good luck!
And good riddance at last to Liberty Canuck.
But some were there had to scratch their heads
And whispered (out of earshot of the Feds)
That all them bites spoke of something more sinister,
Something maybe they should write the Prime Minister,
And raise the alarm to drain the morass
Before the little suckers attacked en masse; 
Then again, what's the point? the motion was killed,
The atmosphere had noticeably chilled,
Recalling that Harper never really liked the deceased,
Why, he was even rumored to have joined the feast-
For he'd not be the first to want no truck
With the stubborn old fool Liberty Canuck!
The Mounties, too, were arguably complicit;
(After the first bites they told her to kiss it!)
Egad! who perhaps wasn't in on it?
And of course the Press put their usual spin on it-
Both sides had to be heard from because
They didn't want to create the wrong kind of buzz,
Yeah, every pol and hack could only duck
When asked to shed a tear for old Liberty Canuck!
So all had to accept that she got her due,
Bit off more than she could fairly eschew;
Drop by drop and bite by bite,
Parasite by protected parasite;
But so that her demise be not all in vain,
Nor her memory alike her blood to drain,
Heed, Canada, the lesson of one Liberty Canuck:
Them damn mosquitos really suck!

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