Saturday, 19 July 2008

Putting Lids On Kids Puts Us All On the Skids

The Americans it seems are fighting the worldwide tide into extinction, albeit that effort is coming mainly from south of the Rio Grande. Last year saw more newborns than even in the crest years of the baby boom. Other nations, too, seem to be getting the message, with the Russians, for instance, offering generous incentives to families with a second child and stipends for stay-at-home mothers. Meanwhile in Canada it's business as usual with our saline saint Morgentaller always in the black while he undertakes the "courageous" task of cleaning up the nation's gene pool one child at a time, dutifully destroying, as he says, all the "criminals" that might otherwise have been given a chance at life. Thanks to undertaker Henry, oblivion has never looked so safe!
Bottom line: in the USA, a Spanish sunburst is staving off the "demographic winter" which is darkening the horizon of most other developed- and not a few undeveloped- countries. ¡Viva!

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