Saturday, 12 July 2008

Raising Hell in Cyberspace

On Youtube today and what a laugh! It's worth remarking that the typical Youtuber, whether in forum or in video probably couldn't think their way past a smiley face. Here's one of my (updated) replies to someone grousing about the British destroying his Gaelic paradise way back when and who thus deserve to be overrun by Muslims threatening to subjugate the entire isle, the "green and emerald isle" of Shakespeare: Said "seriusrex:"
You english invaded my country,forced your laws, language and religion and foreign customs on my country. we fought you so we could continue to live as a proud independent celtic nation.Our language Gaelic is wiped out by the english,As a people we were almost wiped out by english armies.and now you say you are for white power?.I can't understand you english,you say one thing but you do another.Britain colonised the world and now the world is colonising Britain.Poetic justice if you ask me.
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"Gaelic? How about a Scottish reel! As in get real! Whatever the English did to your ancestors, MacPeevish, pales in comparison to what the Muzzle'ems are (threatening) to do to you and the lassies. This guy better learn who his friends are! Even the IRA put away their guns, if not their grievances, after 9-11."
 That was enough for   seriusrex, who came back at me sputtering abuse and profanity but missing entirely my point. 
      The real point being, of course, that YouTube is hardly a fit venue for serious discussion. Rants and counter-rants are the order of the day and at the end of the day it's all good for a laugh and not much else. And on that note let me leave off with another of my replies, this to someone suggesting things are going to turn really bad in the future after Turkey has joined the EEC and fifty million of its migrants start charging into dear old blighty. Wrote I :
 "Who's waiting for Turkey when the Great Chicken has already cooked its own goose?" 

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