Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Congratulations! It's an Abortion!

The award to Morgentaller was predictable if nothing else. Just as predictably the media wades in with the customary paeans to perversity: cf the Globe and Mail, "A courageous honour for courage." The only thing left to round out the national pantheon is a tribute to the homosexual activist Svend Robinson, manning as he does the other great portal to our rush into extinction. But why get upset about it? Conservative outrage is a necessary tonic for liberal self-gratification. It's the sixties in a bottle and guaranteed to get them high every time. What surprise to learn that the United Church of Canada, aka Sod Central, was the instigator of the award?
      Ours is a dying nation [nation: from the latin natio: I am born] and Morgentaller and Robinson have played satanic midwives to our self-destruction almost from the start. On its national holiday a country that can't even reproduce itself honors someone who destroys the new generation in the womb. Happy "birthday," Canada! 

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