Saturday, 20 September 2008

Flash: Newsweek Fathers a Tarbaby!

Newsweek mag's just had a long and tedious try at rationalizing the National Enquirer and its dubious fit for mainstream media. Like Brer Rabbit berating the insolent tar baby, the more our genteel journalists try to distance themselves from the tong-held tabloids, the more stuck they get. They still can't get over how they had their noses rubbed in the Edwards' scoop. Or shall we say, even after having their refined spectacles wiped in the competition's spit, they still can't distinguish the bogus cloud of "civic duty," as their hack calls it, from the fog of their own hypocrisy. The entire piece recalls  the old distinction between porn and erotica: each just a low class/ high class version of the other. It also recalls Freud's discussion of the primary process or id, "Wo Es war, soll Ich werden."  That is to say, Where the tabloid was, the mainstream will be. Now what could be more primary or core-concsciousness than the National Enquirer?
        Newsweek and its exalted peers were caught in flagrante on this one and now they're trying to justify their laggardness and bias as true professionalism. But the writing's on the wall for Newsweek and all the other inbred establishment journals out there. And that writing says one thing to the old media: no more walls
      These decorous lords of the fourth estate balk at exposing a lousy little ass like Edwards, "Father of the Year"(I kid you not!) and fraud of the century, but absolutely revel in attacking any conservative politician who stumbles into public scrutiny. In today's internet world, however, any attempt to "mediate" the news or throw up an arbitrary wall of insulation around the "indiscreet" story will be undercut by players who are ready to go where the story goes without a lot of fake qualms over "responsibility" and "respectability," code for looking out for one's own. 
      Truth is a gem in a pile of horse shit and our lordships don't want to sully their discreetly gloved fingers trying to pick it out. Much better to add to the pile with some of their own - until they get caught with their pants down!

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