Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Year of Oh! Oh!: When America was Recessed.

The death of an empire may not be pretty to watch, but it sure is entertaining. Remember those USA Today weather maps that showed the continental states towering above Mexico and Canada? That's how too many Yanks unconsciously view their ever-ascendant heaven-ordained city on a hill of hype. Now it seems the map should be inverted. Sitting on the border in placid but predictable Canada we have to peer downward to watch the land of the greedy sinking daily lower and lower into the home of the depraved. Truly a political enactment of the grand canyon itself. The grand ditch of George W Bush. Awesome are the landmarks of history! And the wonder of it all is that they still don't get it. America as we have known it is gone. Forever. All that's left are the bluster and armament and of course the gospel. Not the Gospel in the Bible, but the one called Manifest Destiny and Monroe Doctrine and life, liberty and the pursuit of Capital gains, all summed up in the esoteric creed called Bushism or neoliberalism. Neo-liberalism spawned Paleo-America -(remember Rumsfeld's "Old Europe?")-  which now lies broken backed and crippled after the crash of 08 and the catastrophe of 06 and the debacle of 03 and the smackdown of 01. All traced inexorably back to the fatal election of 00. 

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