Sunday, 19 October 2008

Paradoxical Palin: Feminism's Frankenstein

Sarah Palin is a feminist's worst nightmare come to life, but the irony is that feminism gave her life. This walking contradiction has more cracks in her image than the glass ceiling she purports to be breaking through (18 million at last count) but knows how to hide them behind lipstick and gun powder. Feminists have twisted themselves into knots trying to expose the cracks but only end up by exposing their own hypocrisies regarding strong women. Palin is a congeries of mutually exclusive attitudes but it doesn't matter to her fans because she's got "attitude," something her "sisters" have always hailed in other women but that they now sneer at as vulgar. Like Frankenstein's monster, she appears to be a bizarre composite of other bodies, bodies of thought which are mostly, alas, either dead or moribund. Her torso is a pin-up's, her heart is a Mom's, her head is a born-again Christian's, her eyes are a conspirator's, and her neck is 100 percent Red. But her liberated legs, which once carried her to victory on the basketball court thanks to anti-discrimination laws, are stolen from the political corpse of Hillary Clinton. They're the legs of unbridled, selfish ambition, and they don't care who they trample over, even if that means stomping on the very feminists whose early struggles helped open the doorway to the power she now wields, and which she hopes will march her through the biggest door of them all. And all that her feminist fabricators can do, like Mary Shelley's fateful New Prometheus, is to shout in disgust and disbelief, Get back! Get back!

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