Monday, 24 November 2008

Bad Moon Arising for the CHRC

The much hated CHRC, whose frump brigade continues to harass and coerce the political conscience of Canadians, just got a kick in their rumps- self-inflicted to boot. The commissioner hired by themselves to deliver what they expected would be some smooth-over affirmation of their notorious and self-serving mandate to police the internet, instead recommended that the notorious Section 13 be repealed. Richard Moon did them in with what they must be privately calling a betrayal. Their little do-gooder politically correct law professor appointee pissed in their boudoir and the prim ladies are schocked. Shocked! Their PR is already trying to distance themselves from him. But the betrayer of our betrayer is our loyalist. Moon's surprise about-face from postures he had previously advocated may have been political or conscientious but it is definitely welcome to all freedom loving people. They represent the tiniest and most persecuted minority in the country and are overdue for some relief from all the "hate." Moon's report is a ray of hope in the twilight of the strong and free.  

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