Monday, 29 December 2008

Down With America

Those who live by the absurd will die by the absurd, to vary an old biblical adage, and as the U.S., burdened with eight years of collosal absurdity, starts its downward trajectory into chaos, impoverishment and impotence, it's going to drag a lot of fellow travelers down with it. First among these will be Israel.
After listening to the pope's Christmas Day exhortation for Mid-East peace, the Jews sent off a Boxing Day package to Gaza that about summed up their historic regard for the Prince of Peace. Bush, whose "favourite philosopher" is that same Prince, had nothing much beyond "doctrine as usual" to bring to the latest debacle. All eyes then turned toward the Prince himself to see if any miraculous intervention was imminent. But no, Obama, declined to walk on water, or quicksand, meekly deferring to the president's wonted wisdom, and presumably conserving his thaumaturgic powers for the upcoming task of raising the dead. Economy, that is.
The Jews have no fear of the ever cautious Obama, of course, since he was long since vetted by the long arm of the Lobby prior to election, and found to be cautiouser than ever, or just plain kosher. As was the "ballsy" Palin, who went into a hotel room full of Zionists a pit bull and came out an hour later a compliant poodle. She, too, had been vetted or, rather, neutered, on the big question: not, war or peace?... not, capital or welfare?... but... Israel or America? Talk about the tail wagging the attack dog!
The big dog's star, however, is on the wane and those who have hitched their wagons to it must expect to wane with it. That's the law in the political cosmos, and Israel, who did everything it could to promote the policies of Bush is now about to experience the consequences of those disastrous policies. Special relationships cut both ways. Ask any leech: what do you do when the host's blood runs out? You find a new host or you dry up and die.
Doubtless the Israelis have anticipated just this eventuality and hence their last minute onslaught against the Gazans. Spend it while you can, Olmert, because the 3 billion dollar spigot is about to get a twist leftward. But the Gazans' defiance, too, must be seen in this light. Realizing that the Americans are finally running out of money and blood, they are telling their enemies with every rocket, Suck on this, Zion!
Just about everything undertaken by Bush and his gang of "neocons" (euphemism for Zionists) has backfired into its opposite. Pushing democracy uber alles in Palestine produced Hamas, a thorn in the thigh of Israel and Bush. War in Iraq sucked Al qaida into the region and strengthened Iran's sway over shiite factions far more hostile to the Jewish power than Saddam ever was. Afghanistan ushered in yet another quagmire. And on the home front the power of the Zionists has also encountered an unexpected, but in retrospect inevitable, reversal: Bush's mandate began with the collapse of the World Trade Center and ended with the collapse of the world economy. The Lobby's power to buy off the U.S. Congress and Congress's own power to buy off the world is going to suffer as a result. Here perhaps is the real if unforeseen victory of Bin Laden. Unforseen, I say, because no one, not even Al Qaida, could have anticipated the stupidity of the American response to 9-11.
Bush, hope of the Jew, bane of the oppressed, boasts absurdly that Jesus is his favorite philosopher. Yet it has not been the Gospel's eschatology but rather Hegel's theory of thesis and antithesis that found confirmation with every act of his contradictory rule.
Now for the synthesis.

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