Sunday, 14 December 2008

Of Open Verdicts and Closed Minds: Clueless in London-AND Vancouver

The verdict is in for the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, the young and innocent victim of  2005's insane manhunt by British policemen. And the verdict is... Open. An open verdict in the circumstances means that you can spin it both ways. But insofar as the jury had been essentially ordered by the judge not to return an unlawful killing verdict (which most of the press coverage is suppressing), they had only two options: exoneration or open.  Attendant details of the proceedings leave no doubt that the jury considered the police action completely reprehensible. Reviewing the ghastly sequence of incompetence and laziness by the police makes a sensible mind spin with consternation at the recent words of Ian Blair. Said Sir Ian:  "I deeply regret Jean Charles's death. But I am also deeply proud of the officers who ran that day towards what they believed was mortal danger." Now the running is in the other direction, away from the facts of the incident and the dangerous truth about the subsequent cover-up by Sir Deeply himself. Also in on the deep sixing is "Red Ken" Livinstone, mayor of London at the time, who opines, "For the witnesses who were there, most probably lost in their thoughts, suddenly there are men rushing in and shooting. It is almost impossible, three years on, to be 100% certain about what happened...I tend to believe the police account of this because this is what they're trained to do." 
Trained to do? They're also evidently well trained in the partial arts, having the ability to lie in the face of overwhelming evidence if it means preserving their professional reputation. Redhanded Ken is more like it! Seventeen lost-in-their-thoughts eyewitnesses contradicted official testimony about the killing, but what good are witnesses when the the veracity of their reports has been precluded by the lost-in-their-plots authorities?
       In all the Western democracies, including Canada, the post-911 conduct of domestic police officers has witnessed a drastic shortfall in competence and accountability. What a vile coincidence that the British whitewash is being wrung out in perfect unison with Vancouver's own official piss in the wind regarding the four thugs in serge whose notorious surge at the airport last year resulted in another young immigrant's death! The fates of Robert Dziekanski and the poor Brazillian shot dead in London without a clue as to the reason why have become worldwide tokens of the underlying madness in modern state police methods.  Underskill and overkill just about sums it up, with Mr. Inbetween always ready for duty when it's time for someone to accept responsibilty.    

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