Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Gardener

I looked into the Crusades and redrew all the maps,
I challenged China's claim she suffered under the Japs,
I threw the Indian's storied battles into doubt,
And found the starving Russians' stats were somewhat out;
History was a garden, mine to prune and weed:
Grafts against the roots, and fruit against the seed;
But when I set to Holocaust my humble hoe,
I learned there are some plots where thought must never go,
And that scholar's zeal nor curiosity,
Should touch one leaf of that Forbidden Tree.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Canadung Strikes Again: Judge don't!

"Penny Boudreau was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 20 years. She can apply for parole after 15 years under the so-called faint-hope clause." Here we go again, outhouse justice in the land of strangled kids and throttled english. This monstrous "mother" who chose to garrote her little girl rather than give up her fuck friend, gets "life," that is to say, twenty years, which is actually fifteen years which may in reality become who knows how many years. Her daughter was 12, with perhaps another six or seven decades of life to enjoy, while the 34 year old "mom" could be out before she's even turned fifty, thanks to the notorious "faint hope clause." Was there ever a hope more faint than this child's own as she cried out under her heartless parent's onslaught, "Mommy don't?"
      Meanwhile the ongoing farce of the Ellard case just got another supplement of absurdity with yet another appeal granted to the defendant. Trial #4 is now in the works. Will this bitch from hell ever be punished? Will justice ever prevail in Canadung? Faint hope indeed!