Friday, 19 June 2009

Black Ops and the Velvet Tarbaby

If anything should convince us that the US is in for a long term economic decline, despite the "green shoots" that are sprouting up in the fantasy sections of business mags, it is the avidity with which many Americans are calling for intervention in Iran. Just when the green stuff is becoming notoriously scarce, these fools can think of nothing else but throwing what little of it they have left on the so-called "green revolution" playing itself out in Tehran. I know the Yanks pride themselves on their eternal innocence, much like the wizened old whore who still dresses like a rural ingenue, but this refusal to ever learn anything from past errors is getting downright obscene. Have they no shame? Can the span of thirty years be enough to erase the memory of that great comeuppance of the "Great Satan?" Have they forgotten the humiliation, the impotence, the utter prostrating paralysis of that time? Or is the case exactly the opposite? They do remember, all too well!
After Jimmy Carter left to assume the role of wandering Jew in search of second term redemption, Reagan came on like the Kool Ade kid with a fix for anyone with a monkey -or a Mullah- on his back. Nothing like a huge twenty year draft of LSD, liberty soaked delirium, to make them forget it ever happened.
But the party's over, as they say, and now the bitter memories are seeping back in to collective consciousness. It's time for revenge and vindication. Bring on the black ops and the green puppets! The velvet convolution is at hand! America's favorite tar baby just got a new look, the preferred shade of innocence, envy and old whores. Take your pick, America.
In every big Western city you run into the Iranian, or as they might prefer to call themselves, Persian, expatriates and their offspring. By and large these are the Pahlavi crowd that lost out to the Mullahs in 79. Pahlavi's royal son, in fact, has become the most prominent mouthpiece for the so-called velvet revolution now putatively underway in Iran. And by and large they are decent human beings. Nonetheless, their political lineage leaves much to be desired. While Savak disappeared their fellow Iranians, they looked the other way. While the CIA wooed and cajoled them, they went along for the ride. While the Ayatollah thundered from Paris, they laughed and let the good times roll. But when the heads started rolling they ran like rabbits to Europe, Australia and North America, where their swollen wallets and devotion to Western icons like the holy Profit bought them easy entry. Now you find them, or rather their grown children, on summer weekends holding rallies and demonstrations, as they do on the steps of Vancouver's old CourtHouse, for the cause, for fatherland and for "freedom." But just try engaging them in a constructive dialogue about the Shah's shameless legacy and you'll discover how deep their devotion to Western freedom really goes: about as deep as the green silk wrapped around their sun tanned necks. After all, if you really are determined to alter the course of your nation's destiny, running away to the safe haven of the affluent West should not be your first option. If these million odd "refugees" had stayed in Iran, who knows but that their steadfast if muted opposition would not have long since made a big difference in that country's evolving polity. Their votes in the recent election might have been enough to oust Ahmadinejad - legitimately, I mean, rather than in the hypothetical victory claimed by the protesters. Not that that means very much in itself: the president is merely the Mullah's mouthpiece, as we should all know by now. Nevertheless, at the very least, the expats' swelling numbers and love of the green stuff could have filled out the CIA's black ops destabilization plan started in 07 to real effect. Now that's what I'd call real loyalty!

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