Saturday, 22 August 2009

Qualms Away! As Obama Bombs Out, Will Children Die?

One maxim of presidential politics always valid: when polls head south, bomb your way out. Americans love their "democracy" and abhor "militarists," (scare quotes for scary concepts) but their ballot box is strung directly to the levers of a B52. Nothing rouses the bipartisan in the Yankee like standing shoulder to shoulder with his leader once the bombs start falling. So Reagan bombed Gaddafi, Bush I bombed Iraq and Clinton bombed Serbia, and Bush ll bombed - well, you name it! The only CiC in recent memory that failed the drop test was Carter, weak Jimmy Carter, who paid a heavy price for his light hand. And though he's been called JC redux by his enemies, nothing indicates that Barack Obama will opt to join Dhimmi Jimmy in that one-term wilderness to which America consigns its wimp-out Commanders in Chief. Like pols everywhere, Obama's primary cause is himself, and as we all know, self-love conquers all, especially when abetted by Bomber Command. His greatest challenge will be winning over the so-called conservative base, that mad amalgam of town hallers, birthers, Zionists, racists, free marketers, born-againers, American firsters, borders in orderers and, well, just about everyone, in other words, who believes that Obama has pussied out on America. But bitch as they might about health care, debt and death panels, if he'll only shout bombs away! and give them a reassuring scent of cordite in time for the holidays, they'll all be purring like kittens in catnip. I think the only question is not if but who ends up getting it. Present bets are on Pakistan (or Scotland!)

O children of the planet, please watch the sky,
And put by your light-hearted laughter and games;
For when presidents start sinking the bombers shall fly,
And soon your young bodies must go up in flames.

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