Friday, 4 September 2009

Canada's Conscience Still in [censored] Shackles

People who have wondered why I don't post more on this blog should understand that what gets posted is a fraction of what actually gets written. That's partly because I write a lot of drivel that doesn't merit anyone's attention. But it's also a result of simple survival instincts. Writing, intelligent, critical and conscientious writing, has become a hazardous occupation in this country over the last few decades. All it takes is one recreant rat of a reader to finger a blogger to the HRC thought police and it's good-bye sleep, good-bye bank balance, good-bye computer. Ultimately it could even be good-bye, period, as you're lead off to jail for non-compliance with the frumps' edicts. The edit page of this blog contains a score or more of pieces that didn't last more that an hour or two on the publish side of things. Why take the chance? one thinks. Is it worth it? Even if the charge doesn't stick, even if I somehow weather the Kafkaesue "invitation" to appear before the hated frump brigade, even if no sewer rat crawls out of the anonymous blogosphere to do me in, is it worth the hassle and anxiety? So reason I, and so, undoubtedly, reason many thousands like me all across this land of silence and repression, of chilled forums and frozen tongues, our true North wrong and unfree.
That's why a recent tribunal decision is receiving such a heartfelt welcome in so many quarters. Some are wondering if this unexpected decision by one of the commission's own could prove to be the final good-bye to the commission itself. But like most "decisions" these days, the Hadjis ruling is not really very decisive. In fact, it's a bit self-contradictory, very open ended, and probably inconsequential. The Canadian Jewish Congress lost no time in denouncing the ruling nonetheless, calling for an appeal and reiterating their undying faith in the constitutionality of Section 13. (There! I just self-censored myself again, deleting the modifier that preceded the name of that so-called congress. Blow thy trumpet, O Zion! For thy victories are unnumbered.)
No doubt the CJC , the ADL and sundry other Hebraic organizations would if they could shut down hundreds and maybe thousands of websites in Canada. Anyone hostile or even indifferent to what a former French diplomat scandalously called that "shitty little country Israel" is obviously a potential subject for their collective wrath. The canard that equates Israel critics with Jew haters, an equation as spurious as it is common, is the wedging ruse that will eventually allow them to "moderate" the internet at their own pleasure. The repeal or lapse of Section 13 would cut the wedge off at the base, and so Canadian Zionists rally at every least threat to this legal abomination. Shamelessly and ironically, [censored] all over the world have leagued themselves in spirit to the worst excesses of Nazi Germany in their disregard for individual rights. It is the diaspora of political diabolism. But of course it is the crowning irony of open societies that as they extend full rights to the historically denied or persecuted people, those same people will first exercise those rights in an attempt to deny them to others. Thus the [censored] who tried to ban the pornographers (aka men in general); then the [censored], taking a leaf from big sister, found that their recently vacated closet would serve admirably for churching their erstwhile foes, the Christians; and thus too, the [censored] world [censored] who came here for economic fulfillment but quickly became a prime distortion in the democratic culture of the land as vote-whoring pols began catering to their demands while ignoring the wishes of Canada's traditional white base.
And thus the [censored], many of whom are descended from refugees of a broken, Nazified Europe. They came for succor and opportunity, and they stayed for censorship, intolerance and coercing the human conscience. Like I said, blow thy trumpet, O Zion!

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