Saturday, 28 November 2009

Garbage in, Garbage Outed

Emails and their B-trails. We always knew the "science" of the warmists was garbage and now we know that the scientists themselves are ripe for the landfill, too. (That would be the same East Anglia landfill where the CRU confessedly "lost" all its pre-1980 warming data.) Last week's expose, via Russian hackers, of the secret lives of climatologists should in any rational universe finally put paid to the hoax of a man-made global disaster that has allowed a bunch of two-bit grad students and faceless academics to draft a ride off the ice flows into fame, fortune and fiat. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain," about sums up the response to the world by the wizards of ozone. All that the British university which houses these tramps could do was fulminate against the "criminal breach" of the hackers. The breach of trust on the part of the school itself goes unmentioned. You see, goes the argument, in research of this scope, there are the scientists, on the one hand, and then the "lay community," on the other. Scientists have their own way of doing things and the lay community should just lie back, accept it, and get "laid" by them. That's called the scientific method.
This time, though, it was the white-coats who got caught with their pants down pissing into the wind. That's called pee-er review.
Meanwhile in Copenhagen the pols carry on as if nothing had occurred, tucking in with their usual gusto on the local cuisine and the cooked data. That's called the law of inertia.

.... Instead of a treaty between nations, how about the Denmark deadwood drawing up a treaty between the scientists and us?
Funding will continue only under the proviso that they observe internationally accepted boundaries between fact and fiction. Science by fiat will be outlawed and all incursions into the political domain will be regarded as acts of axiological aggression against educated people worldwide. Data must no longer be held hostage to theory. Brainwashing of journalists will be interdicted and all POW's (prisoners of Warming) in the mainstream media will be be allowed to undergo dedoctrination. Critics will be treated in accordance with traditional canons of healthy skepticism. All CRU members must be tried as warm criminals and upon conviction serve a minumum two semesters sentence of Remedial Science 101 atop the nearest polar ice cap.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

As Ye Sow: Cold Turkey In America

Americans make a virtue out of their irrationalism. Celebrating Thanksgiving barely four weeks before Christmas is typical ahistorical, exceptionalist Yankee behaviour. The original feast of the Pilgrims likely took place around the time when Canadians celebrate their "day of thanks," in mid October. It was after all a harvest, not a snowfall, that they were giving thanks for. And although they like to think they invented the holiday, in fact the rite of paying homage to the Gods after the harvest goes back into the mists of time, cultures and religions. Of course, being Puritans as well as Pilgrims, the first settlers doubtlessly ignored the pagan and "papist" precedents. Being at that time the closest thing going to what we now call "born-againers," these adherents of the "inner light" doctrine were giving thanks to the true God, i.e., the one that lived in their own brains and vanity, as distinct from Ceres, Demeter, and the idols of Catholicism, who presumably all lived in the underworld, i.e., the earth.
One upshot of their dissociation of Thanksgiving from the ancient customs was Americans losing sight of the reciprocal nature of the whole god-earth-man relationship. Again this relates in some way to that evangelical notion of exceptional salvation. Just as the born-againer imagines his being "saved" is independent of his own efforts and conduct, so the Americans generally believe that the earth will continue to offer them its bounty regardless of how they treat it or the rest of its inhabitants. The Church, however, has always borne witness to the truth that Jesus' entire message is summed up in the ancient precept, as ye sow, so shall ye reap, be it soul or soil..
Well, the harvest is in and it's now time for America to reap the whirlwind.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rendezvous with History

As a young man, I traveled extensively through the Middle East, including Iran, and lived in Israel for two years. Israel is a beacon of light in an area - the Middle East - that is pitch black everywhere else. Israel is a Western democracy, while Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt are medieval dictatorships. The so-called 'Middle East conflict' is not about land at all. It is a conflict about ideologies; a battle between Islam and freedom. It is not about some land in Gaza or in Judea and Samaria. It is about Jihad. To Islam the whole of Israel is occupied territory. Islam forces Israel to fight and Israel is not just fighting for itself. Israel is fighting for all of us, for the entire West. Israel is fighting the jihad that is meant for all of us. So we should all defend Israel. We all are Israel.

No one speaks with more authority on the Islamic question than the speaker of the above words, Geert Wilders. Passionate, principled and brave, this former insurance agent and probable future Dutch prime minister strides like a colossus above the tame and timorous ranks of today's politicos. Every place he visits, every day he lives, brings antagonism from Muslims, betrayal from his own countrymen and calumny from the media. He has traveled the world to speak out against the encroachment of radical fundamentalism on Western mores. As he tells it, the advance of Islam necessitates the abridgment of freedom. And he identifies the simple and undeniable source behind all the terror, mayhem and backwardness of Islam, namely the Koran itself. His film, Fitna, which enjoys an on again-off again status on many web sites, including YouTube, lays down the ineluctable challenge for Muslims aspiring to become part of the modern world: renounce the Prophet's own exhortations to compulsion and violence -against Kaffirs, Jews, women and children- or be opposed by freedom loving people worldwide.

For his supporters and admirers, however, he throws down a different kind of challenge: recognize Israel as our ally and vanguard in the growing struggle against Islamic dhimmitude, or provide the adversary with a victory he doesn't deserve. Israel, the land that never should have been, becomes a test for the future of our own.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

From Flanders Fields

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields. - John McCrae, In Flanders Fields

News item: 60% of Canadians don't know what Battle of Somme was.


From Flanders fields the restless ghosts

Attempt to man our vacant posts,

Since we with them have broken faith,

And made each soul a warring wraith.


On borders breached, like phantom wards

They'd fain hold back the indifferent hordes,

Whose Babel-like contentious flood

Saps the ground of nationhood.


Not far another sprite's brigade,

Before the State stands unafraid,

To brave the dead hand of power

That makes the living run and cower.


More apparitions raise the seige on

Businessmen whose lies are legion,

Feigning reverence while they announce,

Poinsettias and poppies at huge discounts!


Then pressmen loyal to the merchants,

Affect a truce with death's insurgents,

Assuming a most solemn stance,

Beneath the white flag "tolerance."


At schools the spectres march aghast

Against the shame that shrouds our past,

Where Somme, Dieppe and Passchendaele

Are spoken, if at all, but to assail.


Ethereal ranks then flank the Bench,

Where lawless traitors do entrench

To silence those who stand alone,

Whose valor vies with veterans' own.


At last those shadow soldiers charge,

Though foes are many and dangers large,

As if again to pay the price

And take the field of Sacrifice.


But then the direst threat of all

Mass their forces - in the mall!

A people whose eternal prayer

Is more to shop and less to care.


Theirs is the struggle of the sentry:

To keep awake 'gainst evil's entry;

Worse than torpor poppies reap,

When whole nations fall asleep.


And so these revenants of war

Must hover round us evermore,

Til of betrayer and betrayed

We ask, Who is real and who the shade?

by GJ Tryon

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tampax Britannica

Just what exactly is the "future king of Canada" doing in this country - other than confirming his own ineptitude? This is the king of boobs who spent the previous decade criticizing the architecture of England while a thousand mosques went up virtually under his nose. His country is a mess. It stands as a monitory example of what happens when political elites conspire against the instincts of the race, when merchants, who as Thomas Jefferson wrote, "have no country," are allowed to sell out the one they happen to live in, and when theory and concepts are allowed to stranglulate the "blood values," i.e., the implicit truths of a people. Britain, along with Europe, as Gaddafi astutely pointed out, is probably finished, and the only good to come from this will be the end of the greedy and indolent Windsors who have "ruled" over it - and us- for the last century.
It didn't have to be this way. Had Charles possessed any innate caliber for kingship he would have chosen a cause of more moment than the preservation of old churches. How about preserving the faith that originally built them? How about preserving the stock that originally worshipped in them? How about preserving the culture that once expressed itself through them, O defender of the faith? The nation would have rallied behind a true son of the realm who could have donned the mantle of nationhood even if his mother kept the public relations crown. Instead, the "guy with the ears" never had an ear to the ground, never understood what Englishman wanted from a leader, and never revealed any more capacity for blood values than the tampax he once envisaged himself becoming in the pants of his mistress.

Thirty years ago another famous Mid-Eastener, who also new his Muslims, made his own prediction which I've incorporated into the following verse:
Fool, Britannia,
Britannia fool of the migrant waves;
"Britain is he-he-he-he-he-he-headed for the caves!"
The Shah, alas, proved to be a much better prophet than monarch.