Saturday, 28 November 2009

Garbage in, Garbage Outed

Emails and their B-trails. We always knew the "science" of the warmists was garbage and now we know that the scientists themselves are ripe for the landfill, too. (That would be the same East Anglia landfill where the CRU confessedly "lost" all its pre-1980 warming data.) Last week's expose, via Russian hackers, of the secret lives of climatologists should in any rational universe finally put paid to the hoax of a man-made global disaster that has allowed a bunch of two-bit grad students and faceless academics to draft a ride off the ice flows into fame, fortune and fiat. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain," about sums up the response to the world by the wizards of ozone. All that the British university which houses these tramps could do was fulminate against the "criminal breach" of the hackers. The breach of trust on the part of the school itself goes unmentioned. You see, goes the argument, in research of this scope, there are the scientists, on the one hand, and then the "lay community," on the other. Scientists have their own way of doing things and the lay community should just lie back, accept it, and get "laid" by them. That's called the scientific method.
This time, though, it was the white-coats who got caught with their pants down pissing into the wind. That's called pee-er review.
Meanwhile in Copenhagen the pols carry on as if nothing had occurred, tucking in with their usual gusto on the local cuisine and the cooked data. That's called the law of inertia.

.... Instead of a treaty between nations, how about the Denmark deadwood drawing up a treaty between the scientists and us?
Funding will continue only under the proviso that they observe internationally accepted boundaries between fact and fiction. Science by fiat will be outlawed and all incursions into the political domain will be regarded as acts of axiological aggression against educated people worldwide. Data must no longer be held hostage to theory. Brainwashing of journalists will be interdicted and all POW's (prisoners of Warming) in the mainstream media will be be allowed to undergo dedoctrination. Critics will be treated in accordance with traditional canons of healthy skepticism. All CRU members must be tried as warm criminals and upon conviction serve a minumum two semesters sentence of Remedial Science 101 atop the nearest polar ice cap.

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