Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tampax Britannica

Just what exactly is the "future king of Canada" doing in this country - other than confirming his own ineptitude? This is the king of boobs who spent the previous decade criticizing the architecture of England while a thousand mosques went up virtually under his nose. His country is a mess. It stands as a monitory example of what happens when political elites conspire against the instincts of the race, when merchants, who as Thomas Jefferson wrote, "have no country," are allowed to sell out the one they happen to live in, and when theory and concepts are allowed to stranglulate the "blood values," i.e., the implicit truths of a people. Britain, along with Europe, as Gaddafi astutely pointed out, is probably finished, and the only good to come from this will be the end of the greedy and indolent Windsors who have "ruled" over it - and us- for the last century.
It didn't have to be this way. Had Charles possessed any innate caliber for kingship he would have chosen a cause of more moment than the preservation of old churches. How about preserving the faith that originally built them? How about preserving the stock that originally worshipped in them? How about preserving the culture that once expressed itself through them, O defender of the faith? The nation would have rallied behind a true son of the realm who could have donned the mantle of nationhood even if his mother kept the public relations crown. Instead, the "guy with the ears" never had an ear to the ground, never understood what Englishman wanted from a leader, and never revealed any more capacity for blood values than the tampax he once envisaged himself becoming in the pants of his mistress.

Thirty years ago another famous Mid-Eastener, who also new his Muslims, made his own prediction which I've incorporated into the following verse:
Fool, Britannia,
Britannia fool of the migrant waves;
"Britain is he-he-he-he-he-he-headed for the caves!"
The Shah, alas, proved to be a much better prophet than monarch.

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