Sunday, 28 March 2010

School Daze at the U of O

Dear Mr. Hole: I would like to apply for admission to your wonerful institootion of hired learning, the famous Uniperversity of Ottawog. Although my grades are not egzactly outstanding, I know that at the U of Zero (am I pronouncing that right?) marks are not as important as attitude, and I have lots of that, Mr. provost sir. When I saw all those angry, shouting and screaming U of Zero students on TV recently, who shut down that awful woman, preventing her from speaking, I knew that that was my kind of school. I hate those kind of haters and wish I had bin there so I could have helped stop her speaking, too. Maybe my spelling is bad, and I know my reading needs some work, but I can ass-sure you, sir, that I can shout down almost anyone around, especially them right-winger types. I can also block a hallway or lecher hall entrance almost single-handedly. I have zero tolerance for conservatives, zero tolerance for free speech and zero tolerance for tolerance. For these reasons, I believe I could be a real ass-sit at the U of Zero. I hope you will accept my application asap, so I can register in time for your next non-speaking guest. Yours truly, Lefty A. Librawl.
PS Please give my regards to your assteamed president Mr. Rock. He was once in charge of our laws and now, at the U of Zero, where might makes right, he rules with the best law of all, the law of the jungle. I think he's wonerful!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Photo Essay: Then and Now

Hebrew Gold Cast, circa 1500 B.C.

American Bronze, circa 2000 A.D.

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Friday, 19 March 2010

Easter Rime

Visitors are invited to my other site for some Paschal pentameters.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nostalgie for the Mad

First law of TV: whenever a show wins critical acclaim it is 100% certifiably politically correct. “Mad Men,” the latest retro hit depicting life, love and Lucky Strikes in 1960 era Madison Avenue, looks “incorrect” enough, but that's only to allow the audience/critics to assume an even more politically correct attitude toward the benighted dopes of that age. Don't let that unapologetic cloud of cigarette smoke take you in. Real meaning: the whole era was in a haze compared to the present. Its immediate appeal is based on dramatic irony, where the audience knows what the characters do not, in this case, the Truth About Everything. The show is especially dishonest on the sexism issue, making the women into silent suffering pioneers instead of the babes on the make that they were – and are. Still, the fact that so many corporations are vying for product placement on the set seems to belie the creator's smug moralizing. The advertisers really seem to want their brands to be associated with these white-shirt primitives. Maybe today's Madison Ave types wistfully recognize their own lineage in the cast's uninhibited greed and calculation, a nostalgie for the mud as the French say. Or maybe we all recognize something of ourselves in their uninhibited life. People actually said what they wanted to say back then, without everything getting strained through the stifling filter of “acceptable” behavior. It was a “mad” time but it was a free time, a time when men were men and fags were … cigarettes! Good God! The air was choking with them, but man, at least you could breathe.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sam and Shem: The Eternal Joke

Let Biden scold and Clinton rebuke,
Israel can just cock a snook.

Ah, the eternal Jew of Christian lore! Doomed from time immemorial to wander the earth in search of grace and sanctuary, until at last the establishment of his own state finally calls him home to Zion. And a sad spectacle he cut of it, too. Shame, humiliation and national disgrace -for what greater disgrace could there be than not having a nation? - were his bitter lot, until it all culminated in the horrors of Holocaust. But just as the Christian looks gratefully back at Adam's "fortunate fall" from paradise into the redeeming arms of Christ crucified, the Jew, too, has his "happy holocaust," out of whose ashes were forged the bricks of the New Jerusalem. For those bricks were cured on the guilt of the Western powers, forever guaranteeing all those of the House of Israel a green card into collective impunity. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but our guilt shall not pass away.
Now he wanders no more, but sets the world in an endless go-round in search of its own "peace." This so-called "process" has been in the news since Methuselah, with its attendant "progress," imminent "breakthroughs," and countless "disappointments," all inexorably pumped along by the earnest American (Jewish) media as if the entire universe hinged on the reconciliation of those two disagreeable nomads, Shem and Ishmael. It makes the cure-for-cancer quest look like a done deal. What a joke!
The real "process" never gets discussed, of course. This is a "roadway" that travels underground, in the dark, and straight throught the bowels of the American government. A roadway that is based on corruption, paved with shekels and steamrollered under a compliant, bought press. It's the "initiative" that buys off the U.S. congress and "puts on the table" the prospects for congressmen and senators seeking reelection. Its "agenda" is set by journalists every bit as cowed by Jewish influence as the pols they pretend to monitor, and indirectly abetted by a "courageous" Hollywood dream machine that would never dream of trying to expose the whole disgusting charade.
Someone from Mars might describe the whole Mideast mess as an eternal wound. It pleases us to imagine that we can stanch the incessant flow of blood with endless piles of newsprint and U.N. resolutions. Anyone, however, from Venus - or is it Uranus? - will immediately identify it as the embrace of forbidden appetites, a submissive Uncle Sam eternally locked into the desperate clasps of Grampa Shem. Now is that what Biden meant when he said there was "no space between the U.S. and Israel?"