Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sam and Shem: The Eternal Joke

Let Biden scold and Clinton rebuke,
Israel can just cock a snook.

Ah, the eternal Jew of Christian lore! Doomed from time immemorial to wander the earth in search of grace and sanctuary, until at last the establishment of his own state finally calls him home to Zion. And a sad spectacle he cut of it, too. Shame, humiliation and national disgrace -for what greater disgrace could there be than not having a nation? - were his bitter lot, until it all culminated in the horrors of Holocaust. But just as the Christian looks gratefully back at Adam's "fortunate fall" from paradise into the redeeming arms of Christ crucified, the Jew, too, has his "happy holocaust," out of whose ashes were forged the bricks of the New Jerusalem. For those bricks were cured on the guilt of the Western powers, forever guaranteeing all those of the House of Israel a green card into collective impunity. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but our guilt shall not pass away.
Now he wanders no more, but sets the world in an endless go-round in search of its own "peace." This so-called "process" has been in the news since Methuselah, with its attendant "progress," imminent "breakthroughs," and countless "disappointments," all inexorably pumped along by the earnest American (Jewish) media as if the entire universe hinged on the reconciliation of those two disagreeable nomads, Shem and Ishmael. It makes the cure-for-cancer quest look like a done deal. What a joke!
The real "process" never gets discussed, of course. This is a "roadway" that travels underground, in the dark, and straight throught the bowels of the American government. A roadway that is based on corruption, paved with shekels and steamrollered under a compliant, bought press. It's the "initiative" that buys off the U.S. congress and "puts on the table" the prospects for congressmen and senators seeking reelection. Its "agenda" is set by journalists every bit as cowed by Jewish influence as the pols they pretend to monitor, and indirectly abetted by a "courageous" Hollywood dream machine that would never dream of trying to expose the whole disgusting charade.
Someone from Mars might describe the whole Mideast mess as an eternal wound. It pleases us to imagine that we can stanch the incessant flow of blood with endless piles of newsprint and U.N. resolutions. Anyone, however, from Venus - or is it Uranus? - will immediately identify it as the embrace of forbidden appetites, a submissive Uncle Sam eternally locked into the desperate clasps of Grampa Shem. Now is that what Biden meant when he said there was "no space between the U.S. and Israel?"

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