Sunday, 28 March 2010

School Daze at the U of O

Dear Mr. Hole: I would like to apply for admission to your wonerful institootion of hired learning, the famous Uniperversity of Ottawog. Although my grades are not egzactly outstanding, I know that at the U of Zero (am I pronouncing that right?) marks are not as important as attitude, and I have lots of that, Mr. provost sir. When I saw all those angry, shouting and screaming U of Zero students on TV recently, who shut down that awful woman, preventing her from speaking, I knew that that was my kind of school. I hate those kind of haters and wish I had bin there so I could have helped stop her speaking, too. Maybe my spelling is bad, and I know my reading needs some work, but I can ass-sure you, sir, that I can shout down almost anyone around, especially them right-winger types. I can also block a hallway or lecher hall entrance almost single-handedly. I have zero tolerance for conservatives, zero tolerance for free speech and zero tolerance for tolerance. For these reasons, I believe I could be a real ass-sit at the U of Zero. I hope you will accept my application asap, so I can register in time for your next non-speaking guest. Yours truly, Lefty A. Librawl.
PS Please give my regards to your assteamed president Mr. Rock. He was once in charge of our laws and now, at the U of Zero, where might makes right, he rules with the best law of all, the law of the jungle. I think he's wonerful!

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