Friday, 30 April 2010

Canadian Gulag

Ernst Zundel in a courtroom in Mannheim, Germany on November 8, 2005 (Michael Probst/AP)

I was arrested in broad daylight on American soil by officials of the U.S. government who acted as hit squads for a nefarious lobby. There was no arrest warrant. I was not read my rights. I was whisked away in handcuffs without being allowed to get my wallet, to call my attorney, to be allowed to make my case before an American Immigration Judge or even hug my wife goodbye.
I was incarcerated in six different prisons on two continents in three countries-the USA, Canada, and Germany-without relief of any kind. In effect, I have had 10 percent of my life stolen from me ­ and for what "crime"? For having "overstayed my U.S. visa"?
Throughout my imprisonment, basic human rights principles were trampled underfoot repeatedly and with impunity. The worst prisons were the Canadian detention centers at Thorold, Ontario and at Toronto West, where I was held for two long years in isolation cells, ice-cold in the winter, no shoes or socks allowed. The electric light in these cells, bright enough to be able to read, was kept on 24 hours a day. Through a glass slot in the door I was checked every 20 minutes, and my activities were meticulously noted by the guards: one sheet for every day. No dignity, no privacy. My toothbrush was kept in a plastic bin in a hall. I was not allowed to speak to other prisoners.
Bed sheets were changed only after three months. No pillows. No chairs. When I wrote to my wife or to my attorneys, I had to sit on a makeshift pile of my court transcripts. No radio, no television, not even an electrical outlet to sharpen my pencils. No ball point pens, only pencil stubs, cut in half with a saw. No spoons, forks, or knives were permitted; only a white plastic spoon with a fork called a "spork" that had to be returned every time at the end of the meal. With very few exceptions when furtive guards showed me some kindness away from the surveillance cameras, I was treated as though I was the worst of criminals. That's Canada for you, where I have lived and worked without a criminal record for more than 40 years. (Read the full
Foreign Policy Journal interview here.)

About the same hour that this unfortunate man was getting out of a German prison my fellow Canucks were closing down their winter Olympics (motto: "Believe!") amid much jubilation and boasting over all the gold medals they'd just won. Such victors! Zundel should get a medal for endurance, courage, and the feat of just holding up his head after all he's been through. Believe indeed!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Off With Their Headers!

Alice in Wonderland may be out of the theatres just now, but the live theatre road show just got under way in Arizona. It's an upside down world where reform means amnesty and where law breakers are heroes while decent people trying to establish some semblance of order in their own community get vilified and slandered by all and sundry. Its surreal charm will carry you away- unless you're Mexican, in which case nothing will ever carry you beyond the nearest illegals sanctuary. And what a cast!
Governor Brewer as Alice. Watch her political standing fantastically wax and wane as she ponders the eternal Underland dilemma: drink the mainstream Kool-Aid and find your integrity shrinking or else eat the cake of conservatism and bang your head against the Republican Party ceiling. Either way you'll cry a sea of tears.
The Senate and Congress as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. What a laugh as our two favorite do-nothings... do nothing.
John McCain as the Mad Hatter. Enjoy the antics as he contradicts himself with every word he speaks.
Sarah Palin as the White Rabbit. She's late for the mad, bad Tea Party, and she's the guest of honor!
The (Jewish) media as the Queen of (Bleeding) Hearts with her well-known aversion to all things white. The indignation knows no bounds as journos scream for the heads of poor Alice and all true Arizonans. You'll laugh till you cry as you see them play croquet with poor immigrants disguised as hedgehogs. The New York Times makes a cameo appearance as the fearsome Jabberwock that,
With eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came: "Meanspirited!"
And of course, the star attraction, Obama himself as the ever-equivocating Cheshire Cat. You'll marvel to see his incredible grin linger in the teleprompter long after he himself has run from the rose garden.
Mexico will be featured as the Underland into which our brave heroine must venture in search of some way out from the underground economy and the underworld criminality and the underfunded enforcement as it all starts to border on ununderstandable insanity. Curiouser and curiouser.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Where Mainstream Meets Styx

Another stunning piece of creative Dees-truction.
My only caveat with this would be with the
inclusion of the names: as if we don't know? Or is Dees thinking of posterity? Judging by his ongoing "vision" of things, I wouldn't think there'd be any!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Church on its Knees

The pope is on the ropes and the (Jewish) media just won't let him off. Not that he really deserves Marquess of Queensberry handling. He came into the ring just asking for it: completely flabby, he had allowed that easy life in the Vatican to soften him up. Go ahead, said his flatterers, have another glass of ecumenical wine. You're among friends, Holiness. Now that wine has turned to vinegar. Any fool could have seen the media hated this guy and was looking for anything to bring him down. Any idiot could have seen the pedo rap should have been nailed down long ago. Like about 1540. But not the church. It wanted secrecy. In the age of the internet it wanted the code of the confessional! And not Benedict. He wanted people to like him. In the age of Mortal Combat he wanted the code of chivalry. He reminds us of Nixon, capable and even personable, but also insecure and suspicious. He'll share the fate of Nixon, too, if the media get their way. Short of indictment and dismissal, they'll settle for full prostration and total public obloquy. Until then it's going to be a dog fight all the way: a pack of pit bulls against a lone German Shepherd. But unless Benedict ditches his phony Nixon smile and adopts the superior sneer of Reagan toward the journos, he'll be torn to pieces. He's never going to be the pop star that John Paul ll was and thank God for that. John Paul liked to work out but he allowed his church to get soft. It's still soft. Pop stars, they say, want to be liked, but rock wants respect. This pope had better start working a few power chords into his antiphon or the rock of St. Peter may crack wide open. If it does, the only thing wider will be the malicious grin on the media's face.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ironies, Conundrums and Paradoxes

Chosen People
The deserts of Araby are paradoxes of nature, so outwardly sterile and yet so rich. Because of them, some of the world's most industrially backward countries control most of the world's energy. The technical advances that differentiate the West from the torpid heirs of the Prophet would come to a grinding (literally!) halt without Mideast oil to lube and power them. So the refined, it seems, must always reach back to the crude...
Africa is bursting with mineral wealth and hydro power but remains developmentally prostrate for lack of human resource. Unlike the Arabs and Persians, the Africans haven't as yet mustered the political smarts which would enable them to harness their wealth for themselves. Israel, the Dark Continent's incongruous pendant, is perhaps the world's most intellectually endowed country, but one of the most barren in terms of natural resources. It seems fate or the apportioning deity has a sense of irony, if not equitability.

In His Name
In the USA, conservatives believe in Jesus but don't follow him, while liberals follow him but don't believe in him (web lore). Most of the "socialism" now being imposed on the electorate in the USA traces back, ultimately, to the sermon on the mount, though each side, right or left, and for different reasons, would be loth to admit it. The same inversion could also be made regarding the US Constitution.

Banana Democracies
The more "successful" a race/people become, the less fecund its women become, countervailing its evolutionary advantage and leading, ultimately, to extinction. Example: Canada, where the next generation is now of necessity brought in off the boats like a cargo of under-ripe bananas. Someone's got to support all those sterile white ladies in their old age, after all.

Bored Black Jungle
The least educated sector of modern democracies, i.e., that comprising black males, is more dependent on the fruits of higher education for artistic expression than any other. The "rapper" who can neither sing nor play an instrument, so unlike his cultural forbears, and who probably can't tell an algorithm from a rag rhythm, relies almost completely upon computers and state of the art electronics to generate, record, and transmit his "message" for sale. Needless to say, that message, as often as not, conveys some measure of hostility toward the established culture of progress and education. More broadly, the "gamer" culture so attractive to young men of all ethnicities, seems to share with the above an inverse proportion of brains with proclivity. How so much science should be devoted to so little sense is one of the conundrums of our time.

Conservative republicanism in the States, traditional bastion of the kinder, kuche und kirche school of feminism, has become radically spindlized over the last decade. Whether as pols or journos, organizers or bloggers, the spectacle of women invoking the Founding Fathers as they forsake hubby and kids for the public arena is now a commonplace. This paradox at times borders on the self-repudiating, as when Ann Coulter argues that America might be better off if women weren't allowed to vote. According to Sarah Palin, the majority of "Tea Partiers" are female, sisters in sedition all. "If fascism comes to America," as Sinclair Lewis infamously wrote, "it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross..." And, he might have added, wearing way too much lipstick.