Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Church on its Knees

The pope is on the ropes and the (Jewish) media just won't let him off. Not that he really deserves Marquess of Queensberry handling. He came into the ring just asking for it: completely flabby, he had allowed that easy life in the Vatican to soften him up. Go ahead, said his flatterers, have another glass of ecumenical wine. You're among friends, Holiness. Now that wine has turned to vinegar. Any fool could have seen the media hated this guy and was looking for anything to bring him down. Any idiot could have seen the pedo rap should have been nailed down long ago. Like about 1540. But not the church. It wanted secrecy. In the age of the internet it wanted the code of the confessional! And not Benedict. He wanted people to like him. In the age of Mortal Combat he wanted the code of chivalry. He reminds us of Nixon, capable and even personable, but also insecure and suspicious. He'll share the fate of Nixon, too, if the media get their way. Short of indictment and dismissal, they'll settle for full prostration and total public obloquy. Until then it's going to be a dog fight all the way: a pack of pit bulls against a lone German Shepherd. But unless Benedict ditches his phony Nixon smile and adopts the superior sneer of Reagan toward the journos, he'll be torn to pieces. He's never going to be the pop star that John Paul ll was and thank God for that. John Paul liked to work out but he allowed his church to get soft. It's still soft. Pop stars, they say, want to be liked, but rock wants respect. This pope had better start working a few power chords into his antiphon or the rock of St. Peter may crack wide open. If it does, the only thing wider will be the malicious grin on the media's face.

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