Saturday, 8 May 2010

Agenda Benders: Parsing the Arsenal

How does the left control the discourse? Let me count (some of) the ways. (Wonky table is the best this inept Google Inc. program is capable of. Arrggh!)
Name Pejorative for: Connotation
10. Rightwinger Conservative,rightist wingnut, "wingy,"
9. Homophobe Moral traditionalist nuts,"hydrophobic"
8. Denier Skeptic, critic, questioner Nazi
7. Intolerant Principled Mean
6. Racist Unashamedly White KKK
5. Offensive Honest rude, wrong-headed
4. John One who solicits sex traders deviant
3. Obscene Wealthy Sinful, selfish
2. Bigot Christian Dumb,immoral
1. Hate Conservatism Ugly, nasty,
And on the other side...

Name Euphemism for: Connotation
10. Progressive Left wing, socialist, leech Forward-looking,
9. Scientists Some scientists, two scientists Unanimity
8. Diversity Social chaos, alienation, Cool
7. Sex trade worker Whore Businesswoman
6. A Mom Children's pal One of the gang
5. She He (i.e. a castrate on hormones) Sexy
4. Same sex Homosexual Neutral, natural
3. Surrogate Biological mother Incidental
2. Addiction Bad habit, weak will Blameless
1. Fetus Child to be killed Appendix

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