Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Of Tigers and Sheep

Here they come! An estimated 300 to 500 Sri Lankin Tamils are about to land in Vancouver in what is becoming Canada's ongoing enactment of The Camp of the Saints. Our stalwart officials are making the customary noises about the "unacceptable" nature of human trafficking and the terrible toll imposed on their cargo by the people-smugglers, but it's all just window dressing for the rubes. Strange brand of smuggling that takes place in broad daylight under the very eyes of the government! No one wants to criticize the "cargo" itself, of course. That would be racist. The poor "refugees" just happened to be on this stinking tub in the middle of the Pacific making a beeline for Suckerland. Somebody made them crash customs. By now this charade is drearily deja vu to most Canadians, following its shameful course as predictably as the snakehead boats that ply the seas between Asia and B.C. As soon as they dock, the rats are taken under the solicitous supervision of the Mounties and the military, whose first order of business is to assure the country that the "asylum seekers" are now "safe and healthy." Hooray! They are then whisked away into outlying detention centres with nary a prying photograph or insensitive query to disrupt their transition from criminal to saint, for after all, the media is in on the game. After a few months, once the Canadian sheep have become distracted by some more pressing matter of national concern such as, say, Miley Cyrus' underwear, they're all quietly released into the city. Many no doubt will find their new home a paradise compared to conditions back home: welfare, medical care, job training, political indoctrination (Remember who let you in!) etc. Best of all, they'll be able to maintain their connexion with the motherland through membership in the Tamil Tigers. Why, in a year or two they'll be blocking traffic, marching on parliament and extorting funds with the best of them. In the end, everybody's happy: the rats are in, the snakeheads are flown home, business gets a much-needed boost of cheap labor, the pols can posture against the nefarious "smugglers," the media congratulates itself on its "balance," i.e., cowardice, and the rest of us sheep get a peak at Miley's panties. Oops! I forgot: that's illegal!

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