Thursday, 16 September 2010

Give a Man a Mud Cake...

The poor ye shall always have with you. - Jesus.
Without a little hunger we perish. - East European proverb
Every time I clap a child in Africa dies.- Bono during Aid for Africa concert
Well stop effin clapping then! - Voice from offstage

The bad news: a billion people are still hungry. The good news: most of them probably don't know it. I say this because of the source. The UN, like most governments, has a budget gap and a credibility gap to go with it. Given the bureaucrats' need to pad their own accounts and careers, their crisis baloney has to be taken with a critical grain of salt. Speaking of baloney, I bet the good sisters at St. James in Vancouver's East End probably throw out enough baloney sandwiches to feed a whole African tribe for a year. Well, tribe of pygmies, anyway. As a tramp once said to me, nobody starves in Vancouver. Or Canada. In the West even the starving are eating too much. The poverty rates in the States are just in, too, with the usual alarm bells going off in the media. Same gas, different belly. Is anyone in America seriously hungry? Except for the hapless homeless, I doubt it. Doubtless, hunger is a real problem in some parts of the third world. But is it a problem of no food or no thought? Everyone likes to recite the old Give a man a fish adage, but things just keep on going one fish at a time. The West, it seems, needs someone to take off its excess food and fish are cheaper than fishing lessons.
In Haiti we learned after last winter's earthquake that they eat dirt - literally- and not just during crises. It fills the belly and offers the rudiments of vitamin sufficiency. In NA the obese are crying out for something to rescue them from their own gluttony. Could Haitians start exporting their mud cakes to the mainland for sale to the lapband set, it would be the ultimate diet from the ultimate disaster zone. Better get it on now, though, before the US dollar gets cheaper than dirt.

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