Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Very Merry (and Sanguinary) Christmas

Seems a certain Imam down under wants to put the axe to Christmas, or at least rename it. Maybe he just needs a little free translation to help him get into the spirit of things. So let's wring out the old and ring in the new ... Jihad Bells

Lashing through the sand,
On a one-humped camel's car,
O'er the dhimmi land
Slashing at Kuffar.

Swords on swords play
Making blades so bright,
What fun it is to grunt and bray
A slaying song tonight!

Jihad bells, Jihad bells,
Jihad dar al harb,
What fun is to bomb and kill
In a one-humped camel's car. Hey!

Jihad bells, jihad bells,
Jihad all for war,
What fun it is killing infidels
Shouting Allah Akbar!

Oh, wasn't that fun, children? Meanwhile in Baghdad the carol of choice is Silent Night, Wholly Night, since Mohammedan thugs have now put the lights out, probably for good, at all churches. This being a little legacy of George Bush's that just keeps on taking, I wonder how the Decider is spending his own holiday down in Texas, just back from a nation-wide hustling spree for his self-admiring book Decision Points. The photo below probably sums up the Decider's new priorities - hmm, not much different than before. Besides the terrorizing and decimation of the Iraqi Christian community, other gifts he brought the country include: looting of its heritage, pushing women's rights and opportunities back five centuries, destroying of its infrastructure, resurrection of ethnic and sectarian strife which the "evil man" Saddam had kept under effective, albeit brutal, control; the alliance of the country, thanks to Shiite ascendancy, with America's arch-enemy, Iran, and, of special note - this being Christmas- the utterly senseless killing, maiming, and orphaning of thousands and thousands of children. Yes, Virginia, there is a Muslim Santa Claus, but his reindeer are camels, he likes to dress up as the US president, and his greatest blessings are reserved for terrorists of all creeds.

Decision Points....

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