Saturday, 29 January 2011

Flag if Offensive: Mideast Madness

"So guys, just so ya know, Stephen Harper of Canada has come out in support of our protests as long as we keep it non-violent. Any questions?"
"Uhh... What's "Kanaduh?"
"Ben Ali, you're a murderer, an embezzler, a pervert and a tyrant!"
"Thanks, I knew ya'd see it that way."
"Sure he's a dumb sonofabitch, but dammit he's our dumb sonofabitch!"
"Ya mean Mubarak, Sir?"
"No, I mean Joe Biden!"
"How we gonna get this creep extradited to his real home before he causes us international embarrassment?"
"Ya mean Ben Ali's brother-in-law, Sir?"
"No, I mean Ignatieff!"
"Mubarak's fall may impact our own occupied territory."
"Ya mean Gaza?"
"No! Capitol Hill."

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