Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This Little Lighter of Mine

Terry Jones has got his mojo back. Whether he found his inner light or just missed the limelight, we can't tell. But his defiance both of his own government and of Islam's ambition of world government is welcome news. Jones may be a fool and a crackpot - labels that any self-styled "man of God" can expect from today's media - but he's doing a task that our wise and sane elite have run away from: standing up against the pernicious spread of tolerance for the intolerant disease of Islam. Now the leader of the free world, he of hope's audacity, is calling Jones "intolerant." I guess that's how it goes when audacity is on the other foot. General Petraeus is burned up, too, about the "hateful, disrespectful," act, even though he's presumably in Afghanistan to safeguard Jones' right to be as hateful and disrespectful as law allows. And in America that's a fair bit.
Unlike Canada. Being a Canadian forever in the shadow of Section Thirteen, I'm limited in the expressive scope of my hate and disrespect for the most hateful and disrespectful creed on earth. Limited in the sense that there's an HRC frump with her tyrant arse parked dead center on my conscience. So no burning shall be seen north of the border. Not of holy books and not of liberty's torch, either. But at least let me lift a symbolic cup of kerosene to "toast" Jone's audacity: Well done, thou good and faithful servant! (That's how we like our Korans, Pastor: well done!)

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