Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Patriot Games: Obama Makes his Bones, Palin Plays the Skeleton, Bush Out of his Skull

Osama Bin Laden, to borrow a line from The Godfather, now sleeps with the fishes. He was the
self-proclaimed architect of 9-11, the most audacious act in all of history, which made him a worthy target for Obama, a self-professed believer in audacity. Not the "audacity of hope," understand, but the audacity of hype. It turns out that practically all the dope accompanying the initial report of the raid was sheer unmitigated BS. No explosive house storming, no armed resistance, no human shield. Even the photo of the president and his cronies viewing the attack was contrived, since the video feed failed well before the raid began. That prompts the question: What were they watching? Maybe it was the Harrsion Ford flick, Patriot Games, which depicts just such an assassins' raid being watched live by the CIA back home in Langley. More likely it was something more suited to Obama's new-found stature as hit man of the free world. The Godfather, perhaps, or even Goodfellas. After all, he's now what the mafia types call a made man. Former enemies like Glen and Rush are lining up to kiss his cheeks. Sarah, though, is keeping her distance, carping on about Bush being the real hero, and generally playing the skeleton at the national feast. As well she might, since this sudden act of national vengeance from the erstwhile apologizer could mean the kiss of death to her own ambitions. Now she's the one sounding whiny, if not wimpish. Sarah Palin now sleeps with the jellyfishes.
Quite apart from White House viewing habits, however, the raid poses all kinds of other questions. Why was an unarmed man gunned down in cold blood? Why was he dumped at sea? Why are his wives being pumped? If extracting info about al-Qaeda is so imperative, wouldn't it have made more sense not to pump their husband in the first place? Or did the US fear that they might actually learn that Bin Laden had nothing directly to do with 9-11? But don't hold your breath for answers. On these issues the White House dons and their media stooges have adopted the political equivalent of Omerta, the sacred code of silence.

And Justice for all, but "judgment" from George.
George Bush, "not overjoyed," broke his own silence on the demise of his elusive adversary - and effective redeemer of his presidency - with the observation that the motive was not hatred, but "exacting judgment." Judgment? Isn't that reserved to God? Oops! In Bushland, America is God (and the president is his prophet).

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