Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bachmann's Electile Dysfunction
Pols who court dame fame may laugh
At skeletons, scandals and the gaffe,
But woe betide them mad enough 
To woo the vote with drooping staff.

Friday, 21 October 2011

W is for Whore

The decider just blew into town, taking a decidedly cool 150 K off the local suits who evidently look up to him as some kind of business model, if not their fantasy-in-the-flesh master of the universe. Being "business leaders," a breed not generally noted for the broader perspective, they seem to have missed the irony of highlighting an "economic summit" with the guy who destroyed the global economy. I can just picture the accompanying brochure, How to make a fortune by wrecking the world! 
         Surrey's mayor said she knew her "invitation" to Bush would be controversial, but apparently what she doesn't know is the difference between an invitation and a purchase. Bush is pimping himself out to any and all willing to play John to his Jezebel. Nothing unusual there. Yesterday's White House is today's whore house for all the perpetual "Mr. Presidents" still cumbering the earth after office. The only difference between a call girl and a call pres is that prostitutes lie on their backs but presidents will lie anywhere. In the world of celeb politics yesterday's lie becomes today's lay.
       Bush, however, is an especially dirty lay. His stupidly bad "decision points" left Iraq in ruins and his own country in shambles. The man has blood on his hands and misery in his wake but has been allowed to strut about the globe unchallenged by the mainstream presstitutes. And although groups such as Amnesty International are always on hand to stand witness to the enormity of his crimes, their power to call him to account is little more than symbolic, if that. We can't even throw a shoe at him. Bush hides behind his secret service guard and hides his reputation behind compliant governments and a prostrate press. No one can touch him.
      But we can touch his source of revenue, i.e., his customers. Why not "out" these power-worshipping "business leaders" who fawn over the world's worst tyrants behind closed doors, lining up like groupies for a photo with the great man while fondling their $600 presidential pens? By funding Bush they are in effect supporting the legacy of his monstrous tenure and all the willful destruction of innocent human life that it entailed. They are retroactively complicit in his crimes and as they try to take a lustre from him should be made to take a share of his obloquy as well.
       Find out who they are and plaster their names - and more importantly, their businesses - all over the internet. Why should we give them our custom which in turn underwrites Bush's war profiteering? Shame the johns and hit them where it hurts, - and hurts Bush - in the pocket. The message should be the same as for any transaction, honest or sinful: buyer beware.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Orthotox Talks: Comments from here and there

On a travel column about Vancouver in the London Telegraph

And Britons - be sure to rely on your own favourite news sources, like the excellent Telegraph, via the web, or you can usually get them at some specialty outlets in the better hotels. Otherwise you'll be stuck with "surely two of the dullest newspapers in North America," as Barbara Amiel once described the insipid Sun and its moronic congener 
, the Province. Vancouver: fantastic views, awful news.

On an anti-white comment from 

Sri Lanka:  
"as if they [ie whites] ever had that [ie culture]" Our culture is your culture, friend. In fact you're using it right now, in the language of your comment, in the technology/science enabling you to express it (electricity, computer science, internet infrastructure, market competitiveness etc etc), and right down to the tradition of a free exchange of opinion which you take for granted but which would likely have been prohibited if not unheard of in your own wonderfully backward "culture." When we go, everything goes, so get ready for the new dark age in every sense of the word.  

On a National Post bit about whether Herman Cain's smokin' ad is "brilliant or weird:" 
"I like Cigarettes; I like to think of fire held in a man’s hand. FIRE, a dangerous force, tamed at his finger tips. I often wonder about the hours when a man sits alone watching the smoke of a cigarette, thinking. I wonder what great things have come out from such hours. When a man thinks there is a spot of fire alive in his mind – and it is proper that he should have the burning point of a cigarette as his one expression."- Ayn Rand 
(Atlas Shrugged, 1957)

On Buchanan questioning,"What is it we wish to preserve?": 

Three great tsunamis that cracked the melting pot and drowned a nation: wave of black slaves 17th -18th centuries (sowing the seed of all "entitlements"); wave of East Europeans circa 1920 (the seed of socialism/statism); wave of Mexicans and EVERYBODY ELSE circa 1970 onwards (the seed of tribalism). Different races, different times, but always the same motivation: profit over prudence. Immigration was a bet with the devil and the devil won.

On an LA Times column trashing Michelle Bachmann for a number "misstatements:" 
"...only 663 [illegal immigrants] had ties to countries with links to terrorism." Uhh, how many times does 19 go into 663? 

On a Telegraph piece waxing on about America on top again:

"It is almost the only economic power with a fertility rate above 2.0..."  Si senor, neustras mujeres estan teniendo muchos de los bebes!

On Coulter branding the OWS crowd as parasites:

The rads may be living with Mom, but it's rednecks like Ann who still need the fairy tales. After aiding and abetting the '08 bailout which saw Wall Street's royalty siphon off America's wealth and destroy its commonwealth, Coulter's "representative" government stands complicit in the most egregious act of bloodsucking in history.

On Buchanan lamenting the eclipse of white America:

Adios white - and red and yellow and blue and green. (Because when Whitey goes, say good-bye to the Indian's privilege, the Asian's promotion, the Jew's protection, and even the environment's preservation.)

Monday, 10 October 2011

 News Roundup   

Ah, Moday morning news, and every story, even the most "tragic," still elicits a sardonic grimace.

English's Sick Illness
In the Gazette the headline, "Building mental health wellness in our children" makes me wonder if we shouldn't also be building some smart intelligence in our journos.
    The New Face of Mourning
The Sun, meanwhile, is running a rather garbled version of a teen stabbing. The victim, who contrary to the Sun did not intervene in the original fracas, died, sadly. But it seems Dad can only express his private grief by way of a very public Facebook rant, replete with the usual twitterese. swearing and ur-thography: "U raise ur kids with good values and this s--t happens wen they employ them wut do u do? I love you so much jamie hang in therr." And then comes the "heartbreaking status update" after his son's passing: "dont no wut to do so lost rite now r i p son i ll never forget u and will always love u." Heartbreaking, indeed, to think that this is now the way people choose to handle their most intimate moments of anguish, by going viral in mangled cloud-talk. How did we ever cope before social media brought us all together under Zukerberg's billion buck hustle? But u no wut they say, behind every "cloud," a silver dollar lining... 
Happy Thanksgiving!