Monday, 10 October 2011

 News Roundup   

Ah, Moday morning news, and every story, even the most "tragic," still elicits a sardonic grimace.

English's Sick Illness
In the Gazette the headline, "Building mental health wellness in our children" makes me wonder if we shouldn't also be building some smart intelligence in our journos.
    The New Face of Mourning
The Sun, meanwhile, is running a rather garbled version of a teen stabbing. The victim, who contrary to the Sun did not intervene in the original fracas, died, sadly. But it seems Dad can only express his private grief by way of a very public Facebook rant, replete with the usual twitterese. swearing and ur-thography: "U raise ur kids with good values and this s--t happens wen they employ them wut do u do? I love you so much jamie hang in therr." And then comes the "heartbreaking status update" after his son's passing: "dont no wut to do so lost rite now r i p son i ll never forget u and will always love u." Heartbreaking, indeed, to think that this is now the way people choose to handle their most intimate moments of anguish, by going viral in mangled cloud-talk. How did we ever cope before social media brought us all together under Zukerberg's billion buck hustle? But u no wut they say, behind every "cloud," a silver dollar lining... 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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