Saturday, 26 November 2011

Polygamy is a Crime, Hypocrisy is a Sin

The unsigned but never resigned luminaries at the Sun, feminists to a man, are experiencing journo orgasm over the court's ruling on the Bountiful case and are demanding immediate climax, er, I mean enforcement. But have the editors paused long enough in their righteous jubilation to consider what such enforcement entails? One man's polygamy sect, after all, is another man's playboy club. And thanks largely to the feminists themselves, in tacit cahoots with the pornographers and sex trade industry - strange bedfellows indeed! - a woman is now answerable to no one on the issue of her issue. Holy wedlock has long since gone the way of the chastity belt when it comes to validating a relationship or the children that spring from it. A man with four or five live-in "girlfriends," all of them pregnant to a girl, can't be forced to limit himself to just one spouse-cum-significant other if his pretend wives consent to stay in the relationship. For was it not decreed by the great Trudeau himself, father of our infallible liberal constitution, that the state has no business in the nation's bedrooms?  
      Short of reverting to the days when "living in sin" reaped social stigma, if not hell fire, Canada is stuck with her many variant twists on the traditional family, something, be it noted, that the Sun itself has been known to warble its approval over in the past. Condemning polygamy  because of its effect on children while ignoring the harm they suffer in divorced and single parent (ie "single mom") families rings hollower than a dyke's dead dildo. Thought experiment: if it's OK for Heather to have two mommies, how come it's so intolerable when her two mommies get "married" to one man?
       The feminists, the courts, and the media are the true, if embarrassed, parents of the bastardized concept of the "family" now being exploited by the dirty old men over Bountiful way. Put another way, we might say that religious polygamy snuck past the door opened up for divorce, prostitution, homosexuality and pornography, etcetera in the house that Pierre built. It's the familiar law of unforeseen consequences coming at us with classic steamroller vengeance, a law which, unlike love, still honors the clause, for better or worse. And count on it, mom and dad, it'll only get worse.
       Too bad that unforeseen consequences can't be disposed of like unforeseen offspring, down the same clinic drain where the whole idolatry of choice first began to ooze. But the feminist helped make the polygamist's bed. Now let her sleep with it.

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