Saturday, 10 December 2011

This is Coquitlam: The Saga continues

Email to Douglas Horne, MLA: D-grade

Eagle Mountain (Eagle Ridge) in North Coquitlam is a crown-managed area that has been entirely given over to off-road "recreational" traffic, to the effective exclusion of all other activities. The gate signs posted by the government are a joke, sternly prohibiting entry in one line and then inviting all and sundry "exceptions" in the next. Sign or no sign, the rules are routinely flouted by any and all comers. Inimical to habitat and hiker alike, the machines, some of them quite monstrous, and their throwback operators, represent an absolute abuse of a scarce and precious resource: sound, soil and air, you name it, the degradation is there! The whole business literally reeks of mismanagement and indifference to the common good.

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