Thursday, 9 February 2012

White Out

Canada's journos were in a joyous mood yesterday. Like proud dads handing out cigars outside the delivery room, the newsies couldn't contain their swagger over the latest census numbers: a whopping six percent growth over the last six years. Better not light that cigar, though, - secondary smoke, you know. And better not swagger too much, pop, until you get a paternity test - secondary growth, you know.
        For it turns out (surprise!) that immigration is what gave the country its edge over its G8 partners. 4% of the total increase came from overseas, from over Western seas, that is. And of the 2% "natural increase" you can bet 98% came from immigrant families. But don't look to the mainstream for confirmation of this. The only time white gets into all the burble about growth is in the whitewash given to the alarming fact that Canada is a country incapable of reproducing itself. It has to import its next generation from the third world like a boatload of green bananas. If demography is destiny, then Canada has a rendezvous with chaos.  

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