Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Lady and the Tramp

My God, but Americans are getting awfully prim lately. Are they really going to be happy only when they've gutted the entire "vast right wing conspiracy" machine and all the Rush Limbaughs and Glen Becks are history? Over the line? Sure he was, but so what? He's not an elected official, he's not a policeman or a teacher. He's a clown, a court jester licensed to speak the vulgar truth and half-truths to king Mob. And every clown needs a straight man - or woman- to act off of. Sandra Fluke, poised, collected and not a little superior in demeanor, was heaven sent for a ribald buffoon like Limbaugh. And btw isn't over the line and beyond the pale just where you'd locate a 30 year old democrat Methodist who enrolls in a Catholic university and spends most of her free time for the better part of three years agitating against the school's religious values? And when Fluke took her cause to the political arena she became fair game for all the crack shots and crack pots of the far right. To riff off Harry Truman, if you can't stand the heat go back to the kitchen, ladies!
Anyway, there's worse things abroad than being labeled a slut. How about hypocrite? Because just a few short months ago the entire Western press were extolling the enterprise of going half naked, of being a slut, after that Toronto cop stupidly, it seems, advised some girls to avoid the tramp look and dress more like, well... Sandra Fluke. Short memories and long sermons: par for the course in the liberal media.
     More hypocrites: the patriarchs in feminist clothing, Obama included, rushing to comfort a 30 year-old rather matronly-looking "college co-ed." Would they all be lining up to hold the hand of a 30 year old man if someone had called him a gigolo or a government bitch? And don't forget the dean of hypocrisy, openly siding with "his student" who was actually committing a mortal sin by Catholic standards, against Limbaugh's merely venial sin of detraction. Pride of place, however, goes to the media, especially Maureen Dowd, parading herself as one of the walking wounded who had been similarly "slashed" by RL in the past. Dowd, the tough-as-nails DC born street fighter who once herself ridiculed Al Gore as "lactating." Who's milking it now, Maureen?     
So let the PC panjandrums enjoy their gloat, cause it ain't gonna last. As long as hypocrisy like this keeps blowing off the powers that be then the Limbaughs who blow back are going to thrive and

Anatomy of an Insult.
Limbaugh's garbled apology is a perfect fit for a garbled insult. By branding Ms. Fluke a slut he seemed to be setting up a train of metaphor: she wanted taxpayer money "to have sex," so that made her figuratively speaking, a "slut." But the Oxy-addled dolt couldn't even decide whether that made the taxpayers' johns or pimps, so he said both. But if they are johns, then Fluke would be giving them sex, which is absurd. If they are pimps, the she'd be paying them, which is outlandish. The confusion stems from Limbaugh's false and stupid premise that Fluke wanted the government money to "have sex," when in fact she wanted the money, ie, the coverage, in order to have sex, or at least consequence-free sex. His attempt to equate government payment with illicit sex was metaphorical in intention, but the metaphor was hung on a literal fact, the fact that the woman was having sexual relations with whomever. So what started as a figure of speech ended as a clumsy attack on the literal fact of a woman's private life. It's a safe bet that Limbaugh really just wanted a pretext to assail a woman whose presence in a public forum was implicitly based on her desire to have safe sex with persons unknown.
       The trope he may have been looking for, and which would have conveyed the same obscene chuckle to his chuckle-headed audience without the stigma against Fluke was government as "sugar daddy." But that term probably isn't the sort of stone that the celebrated viagra gobbler wants to be seen playing with, glass houses being what they are.

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