Saturday, 28 July 2012

Capitol Dust-up

And in round minus-15 with Romney in the red trunks and no sign of any magic underwear, still getting pain from Bain and looking like he might be going out early, but a wild swing by the blue-shorted Obama at the business sector left him wide open to the Stormin' Mormon who started coming on like a born-again capital-c Capitalist, seizing what was a magic opportunity to showcase his seldom used right. After unleashing a swift Utah haymaker to Obama's glass chin that left the defending champ on the defensive indeed, reeling like a stunned calf at the slaughter house gates, Romney followed up with a fist-blitz of ads to his vulnerable mid-section. The Hawaiian lion wasn't buyin what Romney was selling, however, and cried foul to the ref, aka the Meddlin' Media, another southpaw like Obama, who tried to get Romney to back off until the crowd, made up of small business types, began booing the judge-with-a-grudge near out of the ring. "Build this!" shouted the challenger, giving the dazed Prez another taste of the Mighty Mitts in the form of the latest job stats before doing a small victory dance of tweets to the delight of his ecstatic fans. The whole round would have been his to relish but for a slight accident getting to his corner, when the Axin' Saxon banged his Bain-brain on an Olympic post. Obama, still looking like little boy blue who lost his sheeple, tried to take advantage of this small gift of a gaffe with a last-second flurry of weak left jabs at his retreating opponent's back, abetted yet again by the farcical impartial ref, but the round was over and Romney had won it, Invisible Hands down. 

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