Saturday, 11 August 2012

Round Two : Down and Outed

And going into the second round the challenger is showing off some fancy footwork, hopping from continent to continent. But someone's getting into the ring, someone's climbing under the ropes, with the two rivals holding off from one another, and it's none other than Ziona, the notorious congressional gun moll. The ref is making a half-hearted effort to get the intruder out of the ring but she's having none of it. And neither are the fighters! Romney is dancing attendance, literally, around the temptress, billing and cooing like a love-struck school boy. Romney goes ringside now, and what's he doing? It looks like he's picking a fight with some of the crowd, yes he's reaching over and clobbering some of the refugee types in the second row. What a bully! But Ziona is loving it. Now he's going down on one knee to plead for her favor. What an opportunity for Obama to lay him out cold with a swipe to his famous Hollywood profile, but Obama's not interested, because he's going down too. Yes, both fighters have forgotten everything except their desire for Ziona's kiss of approval. And how many great contenders has that death kiss seduced in previous matches? How many All-American boys, decent clean living patriotic young men has this shameless harlot corrupted with her bribes, threats and promises of power?
      But wait! There's a new development underway. Ziona is tying them up, hands and feet, purse and power. Oh my God! the fighters are engaging in some sordid game of national bondage with this perverse Mid-East tramp. This is too much even for the referee, he's calling it a round, he's declaring a winner, and it's Ziona on fouls.

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