Sunday, 9 September 2012

Partial Berth Presidency

Lots of talk about media gush
But nobody's saying why:
Cuz a voters kick to that ebon tush
Would blacken the media's eye. 

There's so much riding on the coming election of the Most Powerful Man in the World: Obama might lose his handicap, Romney might lose his tax bracket etc. But it's the journos, the most powerful stench in America, that stand to lose most. And that's why the very thought of a democratic loss makes them lose it. The current POTUS is their baby, they elected him after a fifty-year gestation in the statist womb, and by God (boooo!) - OK, by heaven - they're not going to see all that liberal labor go down the drain in November like some DNC-approved partial birth abortion. Better never to have gained the White House at all than to have and have not, to win the hand and then get the boot, to be the first black failed president. Losing your chance is one thing, but being given the big chance and then blowing it is the greatest American nightmare. Just look at Carter.
      Jimmy Carter is the Flying Dutchman of politics, doomed to wander the earth in search of redemption. He can't, won't accept his dismissal after four years in office. He roams the world trying to gain its approval in order to offset his own country's rejection. But all the peace prizes in the world won't erase the stigma of that one lost piece of his presidency. Is it any surprise to hear him endorsing, albeit indirectly, a Romney victory? Misery loves company. But the world loves winners. And Obama loves himself. And Romney loves God. And the media love... nothing. It just hates. It hates God and country and millionaires and wasps and "haters" and babies and, well, just about everything.
      But most of all it hates admitting a mistake. And having to finally admit that Obama wasn't the One will make them feel like two cents. Do I hear two cents for Mr. Hope and Change? Going once, going twice... gone!

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