Saturday, 15 September 2012

What can you make of a country that spends billions clogging its airports with TSA guards diligently searching grandma's underwear and baby's diaper for explosives but which leaves its overseas embassies wide open to attack from Muslim mobs? What can you make of a State Department which justifies official mob appeasements in one breath and repudiates them in the next? What can you make of a media that gangs on the lowly Terry Jones and some obscure film maker for daring to exercise the freedoms which they themselves are always crowing about in the abstract? What can you make of a president who flaunts his Muslim middle name in Dearborn and disowns it in Peoria, the same president who declared that America is "no longer a Christian nation" but who now intones Bible verses over the bodies of his slain diplomats? What can you make of his predecessor who for six tedious years of war against Muslims kept reiterating the inane mantra that Islam is a religion of peace? What can you make of the party that implicitly supported him all that time in spite of such a blatant betrayal of their own beliefs? What can you make of a presidential challenger whose firm jaw line is completely belied by the pliancy of his wobbly spine? In short, friends, what can you make of a country that is so riddled with contradictions when it comes to its chief enemy abroad that it is effectively paralyzed from its eagle neck down?
      Thank God I'm in Canada where Prime Minister Harper has just "presciently" pulled his diplomats out of Iran.... while in Syria he's backing the rebels, whose eventual rout of Assad will herald another "victory for democracy," just like Egypt and... Libya and... Iran!!! Oh God! Open up, USA, because when it comes to the serious joke of foreign policy, we're all Americans now!

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