Saturday, 24 November 2012

Chip Off Le Bloc

Though Trudeau fils be not to our liking,
The family resemblance is most striking:
Though in brains hardly a dead ringer,
No question the lad's got dad's middle finger!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The General and the Journo: From Here to Inanity

Adultery??? There's a fifties atavism if ever there was one. Who's scripting this, James Jones? Or Bridget Jones? Just look at the villain of the piece, Ms. Broadwell: every liberal's pinup girl for bright, brash and braless liberation. So it's hands off Paula, guys! But wait! What about Tampa's acclaimed "hostess" and (worse), "socialite," (cringe!) the retro extro Ms. Kelly? She's dumb, tacky and a foreigner to boot! Perfect press prey! The honorary consul for Korea is complaining to the cops that reporters in front of her driveway are offending her diplomatic "involubility." Lawksa'mercy, you oughtn't to be touching a lady's involubility, boys! Never mind that her token status allows her no official privilege whatsoever, the poor boob still hasn't figured out that it's her manic volubility that got her into this mess. Gossips beware: yesterday's backyard fence is today's world wide web.
     Oh, well, they say the military always prepares for the last war. Seems their scandals are always fifty years out of date, too.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The boring election south of the 49th has given way to even more boring post mortems. According to the progressive punditz, the party of the patriots lost because they failed to reach out to latinos. Now where have we heard that before? Like only about the last fifteen elections! If the GOP ever swallows this goop then they really are the "stupid party." Romney lost because he played it safe. I knew months ago he was destined for defeat and said so here. There it was fate I invoked, but fate always partners with hubris to bring us down. And Romney's fate was sealed the day after the first debate. By the look on their smug faces, his and his team's, you'd have thought they'd just scaled Everest. Only a third the way up and already lightheaded! Romneyteam decided to sit tight, look presidential, above the fray, and coast to victory. Fools!
       As every gambler knows, when the odds are even, the house always wins. So you need a healthy five to ten percent lead before you can start to coast. That's because latecomers are a challenger's least loyal supporters, and, absent some dramatic confirmation, more and more will defect back to the incumbent as the vote looms. In other words, Romney played it safe and so did his recent converts - safe with the status quo. Flip flopping, it seems, is contagious.
        But not according to the neocons and libs. They've got the script for 2016 already drafted and aren't going to rest until it's become the national mantra of both parties: I believe that the Republican party must reach out to . . . Mexico! If elected, my first priority will be the immediate, complete and permanent dismantling of that most odious and shameful legacy of a bygone era, the border. Henceforth my campaign slogan is "Forward, Northward!"

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Yet another formerly innocent word has joined the swelling list of proscrbed "racially charged" epithets in the national discourse: laundry, pork, rice, spaghetti, Cadillac, grocer, etc etc. And now....  TAXI

Which Way the Wind Blows

Along with Romney and Ryan, the US election was a rejection of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, that de rigueur read in every college boy's intellectual rite of passage. The media began objecting to Objectivism, Rand's ethic of capitalist self-interest, the moment Ryan entered the contest, and Ryan found himself working hard to distance himself from his quondam "inspiration." Rand was something of an extremist, to be sure, but she had some interesting ideas kicking around in that greedy little head of hers. Ryan might have offered a better defense than he did of his interest in her, shared as it is by thousands of Wall Street execs, but since he was getting it from all sides - his own party looks askance on Rand's hatred of religion - he chose to duck instead of duke.
       Too bad. Because like all really driven artists Rand had something of the prophet about her. All Ryan had to do to vindicate his respect for her was to say, "Look around you!" Look, that is, at America's decaying infrastructure, at roads and bridges and power grids in disrepair, not to say disarray, and remember that Rand saw it all coming. Nearly two weeks after hurricane Sandy struck and hundreds of thousands still without power in New York state. The governor calls it unacceptable. Rand called it inevitable. 
         But worse is on the way. Sandy was nature at its most violent. But socialism is human nature at its most vile, according to Rand. Wind and rain destroy things but welfare and regulation destroy the builder of things, the human will. Obama has set on course a system of government and a mentality that assumes the producers of wealth, the infamous "1%," will continue on as they always have while he shackles them with a slaver's mandate from the sainted "47%." Rand would tell Obama, "Don't count on it, Massa!" 
          Sandy's vortex is spent and gone. But the death spiral of world economic downturn is just getting going. Hang on to your hats, democrats!

The Big One
Like the San Andreas fault,
Where mountains strain and gravity tugs,
America cleaves twixt Marx and John Galt,
And starts to shudder as Atlas shrugs.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

They know not what they do

When they axed Section Thirteen last spring no one cheered. Not the left who wanted it, and not the right either, who hated it, because everybody knew the Mounties would be taking up the slack from the displaced housewives brigade which for the last twenty five years has been regulating the national conscience like a plate of underdone meatloaf - make that, kangaroo meatloaf. Sure enough, the boys in serge busted some poor fool of a "hater" yesterday, to the predictable cheers of Canada's Jewish sector. At least this way, though, it's all out in the open, and "strict rules of evidence" do apply, unlike the HRC. So everybody has to go on the public record when they jail someone for having the wrong set of beliefs. That includes the government, the courts, the police, the Jews who initiated the complaint, and last but not least the Canadian public who stand by with indifference while the whole outrage takes place in their name. If it goes to the High Court then Beverly Mclachlin will have to finally declare her true hatred of free speech and no longer get away with letting the HRC housewives do her dirty work for her.
       Whether strict rules of logic apply remains to be seen. Certainly nothing is more illogical on the face of it than Jews invoking the spectre of Hitlerism as justification for locking people up because they see the world differently than Jews. Hitler came to power because force was used to silence his critics. It wasn't that he was allowed to spew his venom but that he was allowed to spew it uncontested. Canadian Jews evidently covet the same advantage for themselves.
       So bring on the lawyers and let's see how the local Sanhedrin likes making a martyr out of this guy all the way to the Supreme Court. You'd have thought they might have learned long ago what comes of hanging martyrs out to dry . . .


Now, where was I . . . ?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sweet Sixteen

When governor Christie
On Obama goes misty,
Leaving poor Mitt broken-hearted,
We know it's a ploy,
Cuz for lover boy
The next conquest's already started. 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Mitt Will Get the Big Bird at Last

Hasta la vista, Romney! Go back to Massachusetts or Mexico or wherever you and yours hail from and take that starched white Mormon hair shirt of yours with you. We're sick of your play-it-safe boring run. We're sick of your white bread wife doing your fighting for you. We're sick of your vanilla-faced clean-cut sons mumbling their pious platitudes in front of suspicious Christian crowds. We're sick of your smug overpaid advisors.You could have ditched that pathetic team of goofs months ago when experienced Republican voices told you to but you wouldn't hear of it. You were the gunner, they were your ammo feeders, but they fed you nothing but blanks.You could have hammered the media on Libya but you only mashed your own thumb. You could have swept the floor with Bronco in the second debate, but you blinked on Benghazi and let the lying idiot scold you out of countenance. Bring on Obamacare, Mr. Fixit, 'cause you make me sick.