Friday, 2 November 2012

Mitt Will Get the Big Bird at Last

Hasta la vista, Romney! Go back to Massachusetts or Mexico or wherever you and yours hail from and take that starched white Mormon hair shirt of yours with you. We're sick of your play-it-safe boring run. We're sick of your white bread wife doing your fighting for you. We're sick of your vanilla-faced clean-cut sons mumbling their pious platitudes in front of suspicious Christian crowds. We're sick of your smug overpaid advisors.You could have ditched that pathetic team of goofs months ago when experienced Republican voices told you to but you wouldn't hear of it. You were the gunner, they were your ammo feeders, but they fed you nothing but blanks.You could have hammered the media on Libya but you only mashed your own thumb. You could have swept the floor with Bronco in the second debate, but you blinked on Benghazi and let the lying idiot scold you out of countenance. Bring on Obamacare, Mr. Fixit, 'cause you make me sick.

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