Sunday, 11 November 2012

The boring election south of the 49th has given way to even more boring post mortems. According to the progressive punditz, the party of the patriots lost because they failed to reach out to latinos. Now where have we heard that before? Like only about the last fifteen elections! If the GOP ever swallows this goop then they really are the "stupid party." Romney lost because he played it safe. I knew months ago he was destined for defeat and said so here. There it was fate I invoked, but fate always partners with hubris to bring us down. And Romney's fate was sealed the day after the first debate. By the look on their smug faces, his and his team's, you'd have thought they'd just scaled Everest. Only a third the way up and already lightheaded! Romneyteam decided to sit tight, look presidential, above the fray, and coast to victory. Fools!
       As every gambler knows, when the odds are even, the house always wins. So you need a healthy five to ten percent lead before you can start to coast. That's because latecomers are a challenger's least loyal supporters, and, absent some dramatic confirmation, more and more will defect back to the incumbent as the vote looms. In other words, Romney played it safe and so did his recent converts - safe with the status quo. Flip flopping, it seems, is contagious.
        But not according to the neocons and libs. They've got the script for 2016 already drafted and aren't going to rest until it's become the national mantra of both parties: I believe that the Republican party must reach out to . . . Mexico! If elected, my first priority will be the immediate, complete and permanent dismantling of that most odious and shameful legacy of a bygone era, the border. Henceforth my campaign slogan is "Forward, Northward!"

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