Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The General and the Journo: From Here to Inanity

Adultery??? There's a fifties atavism if ever there was one. Who's scripting this, James Jones? Or Bridget Jones? Just look at the villain of the piece, Ms. Broadwell: every liberal's pinup girl for bright, brash and braless liberation. So it's hands off Paula, guys! But wait! What about Tampa's acclaimed "hostess" and (worse), "socialite," (cringe!) the retro extro Ms. Kelly? She's dumb, tacky and a foreigner to boot! Perfect press prey! The honorary consul for Korea is complaining to the cops that reporters in front of her driveway are offending her diplomatic "involubility." Lawksa'mercy, you oughtn't to be touching a lady's involubility, boys! Never mind that her token status allows her no official privilege whatsoever, the poor boob still hasn't figured out that it's her manic volubility that got her into this mess. Gossips beware: yesterday's backyard fence is today's world wide web.
     Oh, well, they say the military always prepares for the last war. Seems their scandals are always fifty years out of date, too.

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