Tuesday, 6 November 2012

They know not what they do

When they axed Section Thirteen last spring no one cheered. Not the left who wanted it, and not the right either, who hated it, because everybody knew the Mounties would be taking up the slack from the displaced housewives brigade which for the last twenty five years has been regulating the national conscience like a plate of underdone meatloaf - make that, kangaroo meatloaf. Sure enough, the boys in serge busted some poor fool of a "hater" yesterday, to the predictable cheers of Canada's Jewish sector. At least this way, though, it's all out in the open, and "strict rules of evidence" do apply, unlike the HRC. So everybody has to go on the public record when they jail someone for having the wrong set of beliefs. That includes the government, the courts, the police, the Jews who initiated the complaint, and last but not least the Canadian public who stand by with indifference while the whole outrage takes place in their name. If it goes to the High Court then Beverly Mclachlin will have to finally declare her true hatred of free speech and no longer get away with letting the HRC housewives do her dirty work for her.
       Whether strict rules of logic apply remains to be seen. Certainly nothing is more illogical on the face of it than Jews invoking the spectre of Hitlerism as justification for locking people up because they see the world differently than Jews. Hitler came to power because force was used to silence his critics. It wasn't that he was allowed to spew his venom but that he was allowed to spew it uncontested. Canadian Jews evidently covet the same advantage for themselves.
       So bring on the lawyers and let's see how the local Sanhedrin likes making a martyr out of this guy all the way to the Supreme Court. You'd have thought they might have learned long ago what comes of hanging martyrs out to dry . . .

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