Thursday, 8 November 2012

Which Way the Wind Blows

Along with Romney and Ryan, the US election was a rejection of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, that de rigueur read in every college boy's intellectual rite of passage. The media began objecting to Objectivism, Rand's ethic of capitalist self-interest, the moment Ryan entered the contest, and Ryan found himself working hard to distance himself from his quondam "inspiration." Rand was something of an extremist, to be sure, but she had some interesting ideas kicking around in that greedy little head of hers. Ryan might have offered a better defense than he did of his interest in her, shared as it is by thousands of Wall Street execs, but since he was getting it from all sides - his own party looks askance on Rand's hatred of religion - he chose to duck instead of duke.
       Too bad. Because like all really driven artists Rand had something of the prophet about her. All Ryan had to do to vindicate his respect for her was to say, "Look around you!" Look, that is, at America's decaying infrastructure, at roads and bridges and power grids in disrepair, not to say disarray, and remember that Rand saw it all coming. Nearly two weeks after hurricane Sandy struck and hundreds of thousands still without power in New York state. The governor calls it unacceptable. Rand called it inevitable. 
         But worse is on the way. Sandy was nature at its most violent. But socialism is human nature at its most vile, according to Rand. Wind and rain destroy things but welfare and regulation destroy the builder of things, the human will. Obama has set on course a system of government and a mentality that assumes the producers of wealth, the infamous "1%," will continue on as they always have while he shackles them with a slaver's mandate from the sainted "47%." Rand would tell Obama, "Don't count on it, Massa!" 
          Sandy's vortex is spent and gone. But the death spiral of world economic downturn is just getting going. Hang on to your hats, democrats!

The Big One
Like the San Andreas fault,
Where mountains strain and gravity tugs,
America cleaves twixt Marx and John Galt,
And starts to shudder as Atlas shrugs.

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