Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fire in the Belly

Being nothing if not gracious in victory, Obama had Romney over for lunch last week. That's after eating him for lunch two weeks before. 
        After all the abuse heaped upon him by this mendacious fraud, Romney must have been out to lunch to have accepted. What was it, now, that the aggrieved governor was just so recently and so indignantly complaining about? Oh, just a few minor slurs and slanders such as causing the death of someone's wife, being a crook and a tax dodger, being a racist etc., not to mention being a prime, - ahem - "bullshitter." Nothing to get your magic Mormon drawers in a twist over. What's a Mormon, after all, if not charitable and forgiving? But as every born again millionaire should know, charity begins at home, which is where Romney should have had his lunch. And he should have told president arugula to stuff it. 
       Ah, well a day, it's all part of the game, it seems. You're toast today and toasting your destroyer tomorrow. That's politics, the "art of the possible," where anything is permissible. But maybe if Mitt had seen the contest as less of a game and more as a life and death struggle for the soul of a nation that some regard it as, he'd now be serving up Obama the humble pie he so richly deserves. But that gut-driven instinct for conquest always eluded poor plodding Mitt, so he ended up eating Obama's dust. The race goes to the swiftest, 'tis said. Or is it the hungriest? 
      Some of the sites are speculating about Obama's possible motives. Motives? How about sheer gleeful triumphalism? And just to rub it in, the main course was chili - the national dish of Mexico, but for whose steadfast support in the form of forty million migrants, legal and otherwise, democrats and mostly not otherwise, last week's invite might well have been the more traditional one of outgoing loser to incoming winner. Presumably the abstemious Mormon once again found himself at his former adversary's disadvantage, by conscience barred from washing down the lip-blazing collation with a soothing ice-cold beer. Who says Obama's against torture?
 "I hope you like it good and hot, Mitt?" 
"After eight months of choking down inflammatory rhetoric, searing insult, and infernal libels, Barry, I can swallow anything!"


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