Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Link and Think

So, it seems there are certain things, "sacred cows," that one mustn't speak of in Canada. Margaret Wente, the chronicler of all that's cute and topical, finds it amusing that we're afraid to suggest that Maggie Atwood is a second rate writer, or that National Day Care is socialism for the middle class. Reader's Digest can play this for laughs if they like, but last November the RCMP arrested a man for questioning Holocaust propaganda on his blog, to the general indifference, be it noted, of Ms. Wente and her tittering colleagues. Sacred cows aside, Canada's guarantee of free speech is nothing but a lot of bull.

Say what you will about Hitler - at least as long as it's disapproving!*- and his renewed popularity in modern Germany, the grotesque paradox remains: had the Nazis prevailed in WWll, the attraction of Hitler would not be what it is today because the insane policy of multicult and mass Muslim immigration would never have been implemented. Indeed, the whole point of Europe's disastrous exercise in collective suicide appears to be the need to prove to themselves that they aren't stupid nazis - just stupid.

Lebensraum, Yankee Style
The Telegraph notes, "More than 400 women and children were shot or burned alive [at the French village of Oradour-sur-Glane] in the [Nazi] attack." Contrast this with another incident a mere fifty-four years prior:  ". . . there were 350 Native Americans [massacred at wounded Knee], of whom all but 120 were women and children." Yes, there are differences between the two atrocities. For one thing, the US has yet to repudiate the many Medals of Honor awarded to the "brave" and bloody perpetrators of Wounded Knee. (BTW, did you know that following Wounded Knee, Frank L Baum, author of the beloved children's classic The Wizard of Oz, called for the total annihilation of all Indians in the USA? Follow the yellow brick road - to genocide!) 

*Attitudes and tastes you might share with the Fuhrer: loved dogs and children; great fan of Shirley Temple, Clark Gable and (Jewish!) Charlie Chaplin; loved art and aspired at one time to be a painter; favorite composers:Wagner and Beethoven; hated socialism and gave business a free hand, built the Autobahn, and promoted the Volkswagon; and last but not least, retained an undying disdain for journalists of all stripes and persuasions. Now, don't you feel guilty?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bottoms Up!

O, won't we have a merry time, drinking whiskey, beer and wine, on coronation, coronation day! - English folk song(?) (from Ulysses)

It's party time in Obama Land but don't blame the media's lightheadedness on the bourbon. The prospect of four more years of getting paid for not doing their jobs would make anyone tipsy with delight. So drink up, journo, and don't worry about the hangover. No one's expecting anything serious from you tomorrow... or the next day. . . or the next. . . Just go to sleep in the fumes of mindless adulation and stay asleep for the next four years while your country goes to hell in a handbasket: debt, war, terrorism, immigration chaos and general dysfunction all await your eventual professional attention. But for now, drink to His Highness' health and piss on professionalism. Just don't get behind the wheel, fellas. Those fiscal cliffs can be tricky after a few tall ones. Looking for a little fun? Try the Spanish quarter, they'll show you a good time. Stay out of Rightsville, though. Those boys will roll you as soon as look at you. And the women are all whores! Need a cab? Just call al-Qaeda taxi co. They never sleep. One more for the road not taken? Make it a double. Cheers, gents!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Crusade Time

Mali is a country with a functioning true democracy and as such it deserves the full and immediate aid of the Western powers against the threat of Muslim criminality. A true democracy is one which presupposes the inviolable integrity of the individual citizen, unlike the sham democracies which have sprung up in the MidEast, such as in Libya, Egypt, and (soon to be) Syria, where democratic mechanisms enable Islamic tyrannies to destroy individual rights. The Western media loved the Arab Spring, but when it reverted predictably into a Muslim ice age no one admitted the obvious difficulty with "democracy," that it means nothing without the informing habit of mutual respect, respect not for different points of view but for the right of people to hold such views. This distinction is lost on Muslims bent on converting, or rather coercing, the world into accepting the shackles of Sharia "law." Islam is a game that brooks no outsiders, either everyone plays or no one does. The rebellion in Egypt was doomed to failure the moment that the newly "liberated" hordes started salaating in the streets. Equality wasn't designed for people on their bellies. And democracy without equality, the right to be equal regardless of what one believes, is meaningless. Cut off from this underlying core of humanity, it's a Frankenstein monster, cobbled together from the parts of corpses stolen from foreign cultures. And like Frankenstein, it must turn on its creator until it's destroyed in turn by the latest thug from the military. The cycle is as plain as a summer day: dictator - democracy - Islam - chaos - dictator. The only way to get rid of the dictator is to first get rid of his enabler, the mullah. Muslims are like the cicadas of Araby which burrow up from the earth every twenty or so years to make a great buzz about freedom until the tyrant's boot pushes them back into the dirt for another long season of political torpor.  
       So let the West throw off its own torpor before the odious plague of islam infests the ground of true freedom in Mali. Wake up, Canada and USA, and take up the cross of conscience. The monster of the Maghreb now stalks us all.