Saturday, 19 January 2013

Crusade Time

Mali is a country with a functioning true democracy and as such it deserves the full and immediate aid of the Western powers against the threat of Muslim criminality. A true democracy is one which presupposes the inviolable integrity of the individual citizen, unlike the sham democracies which have sprung up in the MidEast, such as in Libya, Egypt, and (soon to be) Syria, where democratic mechanisms enable Islamic tyrannies to destroy individual rights. The Western media loved the Arab Spring, but when it reverted predictably into a Muslim ice age no one admitted the obvious difficulty with "democracy," that it means nothing without the informing habit of mutual respect, respect not for different points of view but for the right of people to hold such views. This distinction is lost on Muslims bent on converting, or rather coercing, the world into accepting the shackles of Sharia "law." Islam is a game that brooks no outsiders, either everyone plays or no one does. The rebellion in Egypt was doomed to failure the moment that the newly "liberated" hordes started salaating in the streets. Equality wasn't designed for people on their bellies. And democracy without equality, the right to be equal regardless of what one believes, is meaningless. Cut off from this underlying core of humanity, it's a Frankenstein monster, cobbled together from the parts of corpses stolen from foreign cultures. And like Frankenstein, it must turn on its creator until it's destroyed in turn by the latest thug from the military. The cycle is as plain as a summer day: dictator - democracy - Islam - chaos - dictator. The only way to get rid of the dictator is to first get rid of his enabler, the mullah. Muslims are like the cicadas of Araby which burrow up from the earth every twenty or so years to make a great buzz about freedom until the tyrant's boot pushes them back into the dirt for another long season of political torpor.  
       So let the West throw off its own torpor before the odious plague of islam infests the ground of true freedom in Mali. Wake up, Canada and USA, and take up the cross of conscience. The monster of the Maghreb now stalks us all.

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