Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Link and Think

So, it seems there are certain things, "sacred cows," that one mustn't speak of in Canada. Margaret Wente, the chronicler of all that's cute and topical, finds it amusing that we're afraid to suggest that Maggie Atwood is a second rate writer, or that National Day Care is socialism for the middle class. Reader's Digest can play this for laughs if they like, but last November the RCMP arrested a man for questioning Holocaust propaganda on his blog, to the general indifference, be it noted, of Ms. Wente and her tittering colleagues. Sacred cows aside, Canada's guarantee of free speech is nothing but a lot of bull.

Say what you will about Hitler - at least as long as it's disapproving!*- and his renewed popularity in modern Germany, the grotesque paradox remains: had the Nazis prevailed in WWll, the attraction of Hitler would not be what it is today because the insane policy of multicult and mass Muslim immigration would never have been implemented. Indeed, the whole point of Europe's disastrous exercise in collective suicide appears to be the need to prove to themselves that they aren't stupid nazis - just stupid.

Lebensraum, Yankee Style
The Telegraph notes, "More than 400 women and children were shot or burned alive [at the French village of Oradour-sur-Glane] in the [Nazi] attack." Contrast this with another incident a mere fifty-four years prior:  ". . . there were 350 Native Americans [massacred at wounded Knee], of whom all but 120 were women and children." Yes, there are differences between the two atrocities. For one thing, the US has yet to repudiate the many Medals of Honor awarded to the "brave" and bloody perpetrators of Wounded Knee. (BTW, did you know that following Wounded Knee, Frank L Baum, author of the beloved children's classic The Wizard of Oz, called for the total annihilation of all Indians in the USA? Follow the yellow brick road - to genocide!) 

*Attitudes and tastes you might share with the Fuhrer: loved dogs and children; great fan of Shirley Temple, Clark Gable and (Jewish!) Charlie Chaplin; loved art and aspired at one time to be a painter; favorite composers:Wagner and Beethoven; hated socialism and gave business a free hand, built the Autobahn, and promoted the Volkswagon; and last but not least, retained an undying disdain for journalists of all stripes and persuasions. Now, don't you feel guilty?

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