Saturday, 2 February 2013

Look Who's a Surrender Monkey Now!

AS the Yanks come crawling home from Iraq, leaving the country in near chaos, with al Qaida, the heir apparent of all chaos, licking its chops in the wings, the French are relishing the role of heroic saviors in Mali after routing the brutal Islamists. A comparison of the two interventions is instructive.
The French intervened in Mali in response to direct appeals from a former colony.
The Americans invaded Iraq out of the vengeful whim of one man, George W Bush.
The French acted on credible evidence of terrorism and cruelty.
The Americans based their justification for war on sheer lies.
Humanity motivated the French.
Vindictiveness drove Washington.
As the extremists were driven out of Mali, a limited, sane Islam resumed its place in the society.
In the wake of the US invasion, al Qaida infiltrated Iraq and only added to the sectarian strife which Saddam's removal had incited throughout the land.
Mali's retreating Islamists burned libraries.
America's invading army looted museums.
The French won the hearts and mind campaign before it even started.
The Americans won nothing but fear and loathing from day one.
By staying out of Iraq, the French kept the national morale and treasure intact, ready to serve a just cause when it came.
By wading into Iraq's quagmire, the Yankees exhausted themselves and became bystanders when the real fight began.
Granted, the French still eat cheese, but the Americans have been eating Islamic crow for a decade.

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